Crack Repair

The SUPER SEAL crack repair system is an innovative, guaranteed process for repairing cracks in asphalt and concrete tennis courts. Developed by North State Resurfacing, this product has been successfully installed over the past twenty-five years in tennis courts, basketball courts, and other recreational surfaces.

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Please note: crack repair is a part of the full resurfacing process. We do not offer it as a stand-alone service.

The idea came about as an economical alternative to repair older courts which are beginning to develop structural cracks. The SUPER SEAL system is designed to relieve the stress over a structural crack, spreading it out over a larger area. The result is a cost-effective fix to keep your courts in use for as long as possible.

crack repair

Installing the SUPER SEAL system:

  • Cracks are thoroughly cleaned and patched
  • Adhesives and stress barrier are¬†installed
  • Other fabrics are installed to secure the repair
  • The repaired crack is now coated with materials and ready to proceed with resurfacing
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To reduce the frequency of repairs, follow our tennis court maintenance guide. Regular cleanings and weeding are important steps in helping your court endure wear.

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