Court Reconstruction Services in North Carolina

North State Resurfacing offers a range of services aside from tennis court construction. We also offer resurfacing and repair of basketball courts, pickleball courts, multi-use courts, and a variety of line painting options.

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In-line Hockey Surfaces

North State Resurfacing uses DecoTurf’s Street Ice for in-line hockey surfaces. This acrylic coating withstands the pressure of skates and is engineered for intense impact.

QuickStart Lines

QuickStart lines are a way for children to start playing sports at a younger age, with painted lines that create smaller courts. We partner with the USTA to paint 36’ and 60’ lines or convert large courts into smaller, kid-friendly sized courts.

Recreational or Pavement Games

We can also create courts that are painted for recreational games with graphics for hopscotch, foursquare, bean bag toss, walking trails or special logos.

Multi-use Courts

Sometimes courts are used for multiple recreational activities. North State Resurfacing has the expertise to work with outdoor multi-use courts that may combine any of the above lines or surfaces.

Our custom services allow us to cover a range of your needs and cater to a variety of customers. We have the skills, expertise, and technology to help you design multiple types of courts and surfaces.

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