Street Ice

 Asphalt/Concrete Sub-base Acrylic Resurfacer Street Ice Line Paint

    1. Asphalt/Concrete Sub-base

    3. Acrylic Resurfacer

    5. Street Ice

    7. Line Paint


Deco Street Ice Logo
Street Ice is a full bodied, high performance acrylic latex coating designed by the DecoTurf company. Engineered specifically for the high impact sport of in-line skating, this system also makes an excellent surface for skateboard parks. DecoStreetIce uses the same acrylic polymer technology used in the world-renowned DecoTurf® tennis courts. Street Ice is a high performance surface that can’t be beat.

Features and Benefits

  • Very durable 100% acrylic coating
  • Engineered to withstand hard use and harsh weather.
  • Smooth and consistent surface texture.
  • Resistant to fading from ultraviolet exposure.
  • Exceptional long term value.
  • Easy to maintain.

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