Pickleball Court Resurfacing & Construction

As Pickleball has become an increasingly popular sport, our staff has the expertise to accommodate your court needs.  North State Resurfacing offers the following surfacing materials for Pickleball courts in Raleigh and surrounding areas:

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  • DecoTurf – These multi-use court surfaces offer cushioned support for maximum performance for athletes. Additionally, DecoTurf material is resistant to weathering and UV damage and is the official court surface of the US Open.
  • DecoColor– DecoColor surfaces are easy to maintain – they do not require watering, rolling, or sweeping. These courts’ vibrant colors last through harsh weather and UV degradation.
  • Acrylotex – This fully pigmented surface is installed over asphalt or concrete surfaces. It is textured to reduce skidding while playing games. Acrylotex is a cost-effective court surface option that can additionally be painted over other surfaces for a quick recoat.

What is Pickleball?

Raleigh Pickleball Court Resurfacing and ConstructionPickleball is an extremely fast growing and fun paddle sport that combines elements of tennis and ping pong. Especially popular in the active adult community (55+), it is a sport that people of all ages and skill levels can enjoy. Pickleball is played on an indoor or outdoor court, roughly one third the size of a tennis court.

Players use a pickleball paddle that is shaped similar to a table tennis paddle, but larger. The combined length and width of the paddle shall not exceed 24 inches, with most paddles being about 8” by 15.75”. The pickleball itself is constructed like a whiffle ball, with holes in it that reduce the speed of the ball to about one-third of a tennis ball.

Pickleball Court Dimensions

According to the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA), the official dimensions of a pickleball court is 20 feet wide by 44 feet long. Similar to a tennis court, the court is divided equally into left and right service areas, with the addition of a seven-foot-deep, non-volley zone close to the net. The height of the net should be 34 inches at the middle.

Recent Pickleball Court Construction Projects

No matter what surface material you choose, North State Resurfacing is experienced in Pickleball line painting and dimensions. On multi-use courts, we may also combine Pickleball lines with other sports. Additionally, we can convert an existing tennis court into permanent Pickleball courts.

We also offer options for court customization with logo painting or the color combination of your choice.

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