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We use an eco-friendly approach for each of our projects. By using innovative techniques and green materials, we believe that we can make a difference in a clean and safe environment. Examples of our green processes include:

  • Capturing and reusing water used for cleaning equipment for other aspects of the project
  • Use of Green Wise certified materials – certified by the Coatings Research Group Incorporation
  • Manufacturing process of surface materials qualifies for LEED SS Credit 7.1
  • Our Full Depth Reclamation Process for reconstructing existing asphalt courts recycles existing asphalt and stone materials on-site to reconstruct the foundation. This process eliminates material disposal concerns, reduces hauling emissions, and decreases pollution involved with heating and mixing asphalt.

Aside from our current processes, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We value creating a clean environment to protect our planet and make a safe place for our children.