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As someone who takes care of tennis courts, you know how important it is to keep courts properly maintained. By diligently maintaining your courts, you see the benefits long term. Your tennis court surfaces last longer and play better when you keep them cleaned and maintained. Cleaning, removing standing water and debris, removing snow and ice, and keeping them properly drained are all part of regular maintenance for your tennis court environment. And, equally important is using the proper equipment. North State Resurfacing has all the tennis court maintenance equipment you need to quickly get the job done well.

What Equipment Do You Need?

Each court situation has some specific needs. Many factors come into play with the conditions that can affect a tennis court. Does the terrain around the area cause water to drain onto the court after heavy rains? Does your environment experience harsh winters with snow and ice? Are there a lot of deciduous trees close by that cause leaves to pile up during certain seasons? These are just some of the issues you need to consider when purchasing maintenance equipment to keep your courts in good condition for players.

Our Selection

We are confident that our selection of rollers has the roller you need for your particular court surface. Do you need a roller that quickly absorbs and pushes away water? Then take a look at the Courtdry I w/ EZ-RR-36 PVA Roller or the Courtdry II w/ SR-D RR-36 Seamless Foam Roller. Harsh sun can crack and shrink rollers when stored outside over time. In order to protect a roller, you need the Roller Refuge to provide a cover. And, everyone needs replacement rollers at one time or another; we have several to choose from, depending on your court surface. Also included in our Tennis Maintenance Equipment are options for tape machines (for example: Straightliner Plus Tape Machine).

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North State Resurfacing provides you with the tennis court maintenance equipment you need to keep your court in tip-top shape! Call us today at 919-365-7500 or fill out a contact form to learn more about your options.