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Whether installing a full-length regulation size basketball court at a Division 1 university or constructing a small backyard court for a private residence, it is imperative to put your project in the hands of a licensed basketball court contractor.

Established in 1990, North State Resurfacing has over 30 years of experience constructing basketball courts throughout North Carolina. Our portfolio of stellar work can be seen at schools, universities, country clubs, private residences, public parks, military bases, and government installations. Our service area encompasses all of NC, parts of southern Virginia, and the Myrtle Beach area of SC.

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Basketball Court Dimensions

Basketball court construction adheres to many of the same guideline as constructing a tennis court. One of the first things to consider, of course, is how much space you need.

The outside dimensions of a high school or college basketball court are 50 feet wide by 84 feet long. NBA courts are 10 feet longer, but the high school/college dimensions are what you will find pretty much everywhere except for a pro arena.

Preferably there should also be at least 10 additional feet of unobstructed surface on all sides, making the total minimum recommended surface area approximately 70ft by 104ft. For proper drainage and root control, extra space beyond the perimeter of the court is also advised.

When building a basketball court in NC, it is also important to take your local zoning ordinances into account. Depending on where you are building, there will usually be a minimum distance from the property line that you are allowed to build.

If you violate your local zoning ordinance, not only could you face legal action or a fine, but you will most likely have to remove part or all of the structure until you are back in compliance. The licensed basketball court contractors at North State Resurfacing will help you research local real estate ordinances to avoid any pitfalls.

Orientation of the Basketball Court

Ideally the baselines and half-court line of the basketball court should run parallel East to West. That way, players on either team will not be forced to look directly into the sun. In a pinch, you can build a basketball court in any direction.

With tennis courts, the orientation is especially important, because players on each side tend to be facing mostly in one direction, resulting in a huge disadvantage for whomever is staring into the sun. With a basketball court, players run around in more different directions, and the ball in play is much bigger and slower moving.

Grabbing a rebound in less than ideal lighting conditions is a little less daunting than trying to return your opponent’s first serve while staring at the sun.

Preparing the Base and Sub-Base

The first step we recommend when preparing the site for construction is to seek the opinion of a registered engineer. An experienced engineer can evaluate the composition of the ground beneath the surface to make sure the proposed area is suitable for a basketball court installation.

You can never be too careful. The last thing you want is to wake up someday and find your beautiful custom basketball court swallowed up by a sink hole.

It is unlikely something that dramatic would happen, but there can certainly be conditions that exist beneath the surface that could have a negative impact on the lifespan and durability of your court. If less than ideal conditions are found your engineer can provide recommendations for methods of preparing the site for construction.

Once the subsurface conditions are known to be sufficient for basketball court construction, the topsoil should be removed to get rid of organic matter. Organic matter rots and breaks down, which makes it unstable. Then the ground is flattened and compacted to create a flat surface to build on.

The next step is to install a crushed stone base. The material used is commonly referred to as ABC/Crush and Run and is 1.5 inches minus, which means the largest stone is 1.5 inches big and includes everything from that size down including the fines. Typically, the stone is installed to a thickness of approximately 6″ in depth.

Applying the Asphalt Surface

On top of the stone foundation goes the asphalt. Two inches of asphalt surface should be installed over the stone base at a minimum. Ideally, when constructing a basketball court, asphalt should be paved in two lifts of 1.5″ each, for a total of 3″ asphalt surface.

Goal Selections

It is important to choose a goal that will meet your needs. Typically, an adjustable system is installed on private courts while a heavy-duty, fixed system is used on playgrounds, parks and schools. You can also customize your goal by choosing from a wide selection of posts, backboards, rims and nets.

Acrylic Basketball Court Surface

Novaplay® is the recommended surface for basketball courts. The system provides a high performance, heavy duty, color coating system for pavements that are subjected to more wear than tennis courts. The appearance of Novaplay is very similar to that of a tennis court surface, however, it is formulated with a tougher acrylic emulsion so as to be able to stand up to abuse from street shoes, roller skates, skateboards, vehicular traffic and objects such as furniture legs, etc.

Basketball Court Accessories

In addition to constructing world-class basketball courts, North State Resurfacing offers a variety of extra services and accessories to put the final touches on your project. Do you want to play basketball at night? How about adding some seating for spectators? Ask us about outdoor lighting options and court-side benches.

Do you want to keep basketballs from rolling away while adding security and cutting down on wind? Ask us about fencing and windscreens.

Perhaps you want to show some extra team spirit or add fun games for the kiddos. Talk to us about custom logos and pavement games.

Let’s Begin Building Your Basketball Court Today!

Let’s face it, we could all use a little more exercise and a little more time outside. Building a basketball court is a great way to encourage kids and adults to get off their iPads, get some fresh air, and break a sweat once in a while. A little vitamin D from the sun never hurt anyone either.

Only an experienced and licensed contractor should undertake the specialized task of building a basketball court. The professionals at North State Resurfacing have built a portfolio of basketball courts dating back over 30 years.

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