Court Renovation Videos

We equipped our staff with a GoPro camera and let them loose on some of the roughest tennis and basketball courts of the Southeast.

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Armed with little more than a squeegee and a deep sense of purpose, our elite team members pressed onward in the face of gaping crevasses, deep birdbaths, and extreme temperatures.

Their goal: to protect the fine, recreational racket-sport loving people of America from sprained ankles and bad bounces.

These are their stories.

Optimist Park Tennis Court Resurfacing
Raleigh, NC

Middleton Park Basketball Court Resurfacing
Oak Island, NC

Kerr Street Park Tennis Court Resurfacing
Jacksonville, NC

Indian Plantation Tennis Court Resurfacing,
Virginia Beach, VA

Tennis Court Resurfacing
Private Court – Brevard, NC

Tennis Court Resurfacing
Private Court – Lexington, NC

Bunn High School Tennis Court Resurfacing
Bunn, NC

Jaycee Park Tennis Court Resurfacing
Raleigh, NC

Glen Eden Pilot Park
Raleigh, NC

Tennis Court Resurfacing
Campe Lejeune, NC

American Hebrew Academy
Greensboro, NC

Riverside Community Association
Raleigh, NC