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There’s nothing worse than trying to show off your fancy dribbling skills and having the ball ricochet off in an unexpected direction because it hit a crack. There it goes out of bounds, another turnover. And while your team’s replacement point guard is out there hogging all the glory, all you can do is plead desperately from the sidelines, “It wasn’t my fault!”

We believe you. You are not alone.

Beyond the risk of a bruised ego, cracked and bumpy courts can also increase the risk of real injuries. In a sport already prone to sprained ankles, a flat and level playing surface is of utmost importance.

If your outdoor basketball court has seen better days, it’s time to call the licensed contractors at North State Resurfacing. We’ll smooth out the situation in no time flat!

A beautifully resurfaced court will breathe new life into your community’s outdoor recreational scene. Need a little “me” time in your household? Get those kids outside!

Whether it’s at an apartment complex, a school, a public park, or a private residence, our selection of vivid custom colors is sure to suit your needs. You can preview your color combos with our handy court customizer tool.

North State has been resurfacing basketball courts, tennis courts, and pickleball courts for more than 30 years. Our expansive portfolio of work can be seen throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Acrylic Surface for Your Basketball Court

Novaplay® is the recommended surface for basketball courts. The system provides a high performance, heavy duty, color coating system for pavements that are subjected to more wear than tennis courts. The appearance of Novaplay is very similar to that of a tennis court surface, however, it is formulated with a tougher acrylic emulsion so as to be able to stand up to abuse from street shoes, roller skates, skateboards, vehicular traffic and objects such as furniture legs, etc.

How Often Should You Resurface Your Basketball Court

Generally speaking, basketball courts should be resurfaced about every 5 years, but there is no exact amount of time that fits every scenario. On a college campus with heavy usage, you probably want to keep the court in as good shape as possible to minimize injuries. At a small park where there are just a few people shooting baskets, you can definitely stretch the time frame out a bit.

Proper maintenance will also prolong the life of your basketball surface. It is important to keep the surface clean and free of debris. Organic materials such as leaves and pine needles retain moisture and can accelerate surface deterioration.

Renovate Your Outdoor Basketball Court Today

If you’ve got a cracked, bumpy court in need of some tender loving care, contact your local professionals at North State. We have been resurfacing tennis courts, basketball courts, pickleball courts, and multi-use courts since 1990. Give us a call today at 919-365-7500 or fill out the form below for an estimate.