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Building a Pickball Court

Pickleball is a sport that has grown in popularity over the last few years. There are many benefits to playing this game, but one of the most important things to know before you start is how to construct and install your pickleball court! This page will provide instructions on how to construct and install a pickleball court.

Determine If You Have Enough Space For a Pickleball Court

The first step in constructing and installing your pickleball court is to determine if you have enough space. A regulation-sized pickleball court is 20 feet wide by 44 feet long, so it’s important to make sure you have enough room before getting started.

If you do not have the necessary amount of space for a full pickleball court, you can still enjoy the game by constructing a half-court. A half-court is only ten feet wide by 22 feet long.

Constructing the Court Surface

The next step in constructing and installing your pickleball court is to prepare the surface. The surface should be flat and level, so it’s important to ensure that the ground where you plan to install is free of rocks and debris.

Lay a base layer over the area using concrete blocks, or asphalt tiles, or a snap-together plastic, so the pickleball court will have an even surface.

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Find The Best Color Combinations For Your Pickleball Court

Pickleball is a sport that can be played by any age group, and the color of your court will depend on how you plan to use it. If children are playing pickleball at night, it may be best to have light posts lining both sides of the court, so they can see where they’re going while still being safe from traffic.

If you’re playing in a park, it’s important to choose colors that will make your court stand out against the background. You may also want to consider using temporary paint, so you can change the color of your court whenever you like.

Pick The Right Coating For The Court surface

The next step is to choose the right coating for the surface. There are a few different options to choose from, but the most common choices are acrylic paint or polyurethane sealant.

Acrylic paint is easy to apply and affordable, but it can fade in the sunlight. Polyurethane sealant will last longer than acrylic, but it’s more expensive.

Make sure you pick a coating that works with your budget! You may also want to consider any allergies or sensitivities you have before choosing an option since there are some coatings that contain harmful chemicals.

Install The Netting

The next step is to install the netting. You can purchase a net kit, or you can make your own using PVC pipes and chicken wire.

If you choose to make your own netting, it’s important to make sure the pipes are sturdy, and the chicken wire is tightly woven, so the netting won’t sag.

It’s also important to make sure the netting is at the correct height before playing on your court. The top of the net should be 36 inches from the ground for men and 34 inches from the ground for women.

Pickleball Court Fencing

The fencing around the court is optional, but it’s a good idea to have it in place to help keep the ball within the playing area. The fencing should be around ten feet high and made from sturdy material like chain link or vinyl-coated wire.

Equip Your Court With Light Posts

If you plan to play pickleball at night, it’s a good idea to install light posts around the court. A pair of 1,500 watt light poles is necessary on every pickleball court. You should check that each pole is at least 18 to 20 feet tall and set in the middle, with a minimum of 24 inches from the court.

Let The Professionals Do it For You

If you’re not comfortable doing the construction and installation yourself, or if you don’t have enough space for a full-court, you can choose a professional like North State Resurfacing to do it for you.

We have years of experience in constructing and installing pickleball courts, so you can be sure your court will be done correctly and up to regulation standards. So, don’t wait! Contact us today to learn more about construction and installation.

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