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Nova Sports offers a variety of multi-sport surfaces to suit your needs, including the top of the line Novacushion® system; the high wear, UV resistant Combination Surface® system; the durable and decorative Novaplay® system; and the high-performance latex coating Novaplay II®.

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Features and Benefits

  • Vibrant colors offer a whole range of possibilities for your multi-sport surfaces.
  • Our acrylic court surfaces are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Novacushion®’s resilient cushion takes the pressure off of your body without changing the bounce of the game.
  • Certified as GREEN WISE® environmentally preferred, by the independent Coatings Research Group, Inc.
  • Multi-sport surfaces suitable to endure the toughest conditions, from the Arizona sun to the harsh winters of Quebec.
  • Resistant to fading from ultraviolet exposure.

Nova Sports has built its reputation by manufacturing the highest quality multi-use court surfaces for all project types, from prestigious tournaments to a private residence court surfaces. Novacushion® and Combination Surface® are known for their consistent speed of play, true ball bounce, durability, low maintenance, vibrant long lasting colors, and overall customer value. Novaplay® offers a durable and decorative acrylic surface ideal for public and private courts.


These courts are formulated to meet professional requirements. The system’s cushioning combined with the Combination Surface® top coat provide players a unique low abrasive texture reducing wear on shoes, balls and more importantly your body.


This textured, non-skid, heavy duty surface coating is ideally suited for use on basketball courts, playgrounds, walkways, wheelchair and handicap ramps, and all other pavements where there is a need for an attractive color surface that can stand up to a lot of abuse.

Combination Surface®

This system brings an unmatched level of beauty, longevity and toughness to the game with brilliant U.V. resistant pigments, durable high solid acrylics and over thirty years of proven performance.

Novaplay II®

High performance, heavy duty, non-textured colored top coat for their in-line hockey surfaces. This acrylic coating withstands the pressure of skates and is engineered for intense impact.

Novaplay II® is designed to be used as a system with Novaplay Base Coat resulting in a slightly textured finish. This complete system is ideal for in-line skating and street hockey. This system will provide an attractive surface designed to withstand the heaviest traffic areas.