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You want your tennis courts to be accommodating and professional so that people come back over and over again. When your courts are outfitted with the seating that is expected on a top-notch court, you create repeat fans with parents, players, coaches, fans, and umpires. If you’re in need of benches and umpire chairs for your tennis courts, you’ve come to the right place! North State Resurfacing has a great selection for you to find exactly what you need.

Umpire Chairs

To create a professional experience at your tennis court, umpire chairs are a necessity. We offer several umpire chairs you can choose from. Maybe an all-aluminum chair that won’t rust or rot, and comes with a writing desk, is suitable for your courts. Or, perhaps our classic umpire chair that is coated steel and lasts a lifetime is the better choice for you. We also have umbrellas for sun protection as well as seat cushions providing comfort for long hours.


People want to be comfortable when they attend matches on your courts since they are there for a while--usually hours. You won’t disappoint them when you choose from our great selection of benches for tennis courts. For the players’ comfort during changeovers, our 6’, 8’, and 10’ cabana benches come with canopies to keep both them and their belongings out of the sun. And, let’s not forget the spectators! With our selection of comfortable benches in 5’ and 6’6" lengths and several colors, you’ll have an attractive, relaxed court and keep them happy!

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North State Resurfacing provides you with many choices in umpire chairs and benches, so you can create a tennis court experience that brings everyone back again and again! Call us today at (919) 365-7500 or fill out a contact form to learn more about your options.