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North State Resurfacing works with a variety of outdoor courts, including multi-use courts. Multi-use surfaces allow for different sports to be played in one space. For instance- basketball, tennis, and pickleball lines could all be painted on the same court differentiated by color. Each of the following diverse materials offers high-performance surfaces for a range of courts.

Different Sports Surfaces for Courts

Novacushion® These courts are formulated to meet professional requirements. The system’s cushioning combined with the Combination Surface® top coat provide players a unique low abrasive texture reducing wear on shoes, balls and more importantly your body.

Novaplay®  This textured, non-skid, heavy duty surface coating is ideally suited for use on basketball courts, playgrounds, walkways, wheelchair and handicap ramps, and all other pavements where there is a need for an attractive color surface that can stand up to a lot of abuse.

Combination Surface® This system brings an unmatched level of beauty, longevity and toughness to the game with brilliant U.V. resistant pigments, durable high solid acrylics and over thirty years of proven performance.

Count On Us to Restore Older Courts to Their Former Glory

We are happy to reconstruct your multi-use courts with a specialized design. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured and have been serving clients for over 30 years. You can find our work across Raleigh, NC in country clubs, private homes, municipalities, schools, universities, military bases, and government installations. We are happy to provide references upon request. Contact us today for an estimate at 919-365-7500.