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North State Resurfacing specializes in tennis court construction, resurfacing, and design – including painting custom logos and playing lines. One of our priorities is to give back to the community and create clean and safe recreational areas for children. QuickStart Lines are a way to encourage children to begin exercising at a young age and give them an opportunity to start playing tennis. These lines create a smaller playing area that is ideal for kids age 10 and under.

We partner with the United States Tennis Association (USTA), who offers grants for QuickStart lines. If you are interested in applying for a grant, follow the steps outlined below.

Applying for the 10 and Under Line Grant

  1. Fill out the USTA Facility Assistance Form, specifying the 10 and Under Line Grant option.
  2. Contact North State Resurfacing for a consultation and estimate of the work.
  3. Gather the following materials: 3 to 4 pictures of the court’s current condition, an electronic sketch of the court with dimensions, an electronic copy of the North State Resurfacing estimate, an electronic copy of a W-9 form.
  4. When you are contacted by a USTA National Line Grant representative, you will be asked to send the materials (in step 3) in a single email. Include your project number in the email subject line.
  5. USTA will review these items and return a plan to get you started with your project!

You can also find further details through the USTA.

Reimbursement Process

Once the project is completed, the USTA will need copies of the final invoice and pictures of the work completed. USTA will approve that the work was done correctly and the lines are up to standard. At this point, they will send a reimbursement check. 10 and Under Line Grants are on a first-come, first-served basis – so don’t hesitate to call immediately for more information.

The end result is a tennis court that is the perfect size for children to learn and play, free of the frustrations of a full-sized court. Kids are encouraged to succeed and can quickly advance and build a skill set for the sport.

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