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Shop Top-of-the-Line Tennis Court Supplies

Not only does North State Resurfacing produce a beautiful tennis court surface, we also provide you with all the products you need to have a complete tennis experience! From schools and universities to public courts and private home courts, North State Resurfacing creates the ultimate tennis environment for players and spectators.

Tennis Court Products

At North State Resurfacing, we carry a wide selection of Douglas Supply, top-of-the-line tennis court products. For your convenience, you can get everything you need here.

Benches and Umpire Chairs

When you’re shopping for seating at your tennis court, look no further than our benches and umpire chairs. Whether you need seating for umpires, players, or spectators, we’ve got it! We carry umpire chairs in both aluminum and wood so, depending on the aesthetic of your club environment and court space, you can accommodate anything. Our benches come in different sizes and colors so you can fit your space requirements and make it attractive too. If you need or want some shade provisions, look at our canopy benches.

Maintenance Equipment

Keeping the surface of your court properly maintained is extremely important in the safety, playability, and long life of the court. Our top-quality maintenance equipment gives you the tools to clean debris and water off of your courts with ease as well as to apply taping when you need it.

Quickstart Tennis

Our Quickstart Tennis supplies give you convenience and plenty of options so you can set up or refresh your poles and nets as needed, quickly!

Tennis Court Accessories

North State Resurfacing’s tennis products selection offers all of the necessary accessories you need to have the perfect total tennis game experience. You’ll find our coolers, caddies, signs, and score displays to be high quality and appropriate for a professional environment.

Tennis Nets and Accessories

Our selection of nets and accessories covers any need you have. Whether you require nets with double mesh or single ply, with vinyl or polyester headbands, we’ve got them! And, we have all the additional straps, cords, loop snaps, and center pipe anchors that you need for installation.  You won’t find a more complete product selection anywhere!

Tennis Posts and Accessories

As you know, tennis posts are as important as the net, and North State’s selection of posts and accessories gives you choices for any environment. Tennis posts that can withstand wind and weather over the long-term save you in time and money. Our posts, reels, and other accessories provide you with options to suit your situation.


Using North State Resurfacing to create a fully outfitted tennis environment, you’ll get the many benefits of our long history and experience. We have been resurfacing tennis courts since 1990, so we’ve done a lot of courts. The satisfaction of our customers is the reason we have this history to claim. These are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience with us:
  • Top quality workmanship
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Trust
  • Top-quality product
  • Professionalism

Contact Us for Tennis Court Supplies and Resurfacing

North State Resurfacing can provide you with any tennis court resurfacing and products you might need. If you need seating, nets, poles, maintenance supplies, or posts, we are here to help! Call us today at (919) 365-7500 or fill out a contact form to find out how we can solve your tennis court surfacing and product supply needs.