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Pickleball court resurfacingWith approximately 100,000 players in the U.S., pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports. The increasing popularity of the sport has put pressure on communities to provide pickleball courts, which are generally installed on tennis courts. The growing demand by pickleball players, as well as the demand from tennis players, in communities, exceeds the supply of courts available.

Communities have been exploring conversion options that will satisfy pickleball players while not interrupting the demand for courts by tennis players. A conversion trend by communities over the past few years has been to convert underutilized tennis courts to permanent pickleball courts. Although both tennis and pickleball players would prefer a tennis-specific or pickleball-specific court, another conversion trend that communities have utilized is to provide a multipurpose court that includes lines for tennis and pickleball.

Permanent Court Conversion

Many communities have seen a decline in tennis participation that has led to the underutilization of many community tennis courts. The increasing popularity of pickleball, over the past few years, has allowed many communities to convert these underutilized tennis courts into permanent pickleball courts.

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When converting a tennis court into a permanent pickleball court the process includes removing the entire tennis court surface, which allows for the installation of 4 pickleball courts. This is the ideal scenario for communities where pickleball play surpasses tennis.

Multipurpose Court Conversion

In communities that have a strong tennis presence and a growing pickleball audience, the conversion trend is to add pickleball lines to existing tennis courts. Initially, players may need time to adjust to the additional lines; however, players will adapt quickly to the multipurpose lines.

Typically, 2 pickleball courts can be lined on one tennis court, however many communities are installing one pickleball court per tennis court due to the need for additional portable nets.

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While both options seem to be working for communities, the conversion to permanent courts will provide more pickleball courts per tennis court than the multipurpose option. This allows communities to provide more courts for the growing pickleball community.

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