Court Maintenance

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All weather hard courts are designed to be low maintenance. However, there are also certain preventative steps that can be taken to keep your tennis courts or other sports facility in good shape.

Remove Dirt from Surfaces:

Keep the court clean by sweeping or blowing any leaves, dirt, or debris from its surface. If mildew or stains begin to form, use a mild bleach solution and a soft-bristled broom to remove stains. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with clean water. If using a pressure washer, be sure to keep the pressure at a minimum. High-pressure cleaning could cause the surface to de-laminate.

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Minimize Plant Growth:

Periodically poison around the perimeter of the court with herbicide. Also, it’s very tempting to allow trees to grow along the edge of the court in order to provide shade. However, the potential damage that they will cause from root growth is not worth the risk. Try to keep surrounding trees to a minimum of 20 feet from the perimeter of the court.

Care for Net Posts and Nets:

Keep net posts clean. If any rust forms, remove it with a wire brush and touch up using a rust preventative paint. Periodically lubricate the winding mechanism with an all-purpose oil or spray lubrication such as WD-40. Try to get into the habit of loosening the net tension when the courts are not being used. This will prevent damage to the net post and net post foundations. If any mildew begins to form on the net or center strap, simply remove stains with a mild bleach solution.


Use Safe Accessories:

If installing any chairs, benches, tables or any other structures on the court, be sure that the base of each item is wide enough to distribute the weight over a large area. Typical patio furniture can damage the surface, as the legs of these items may sink in during the summer months.