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North State Resurfacing has repaired and resurfaced recreational courts of all kinds in Clayton and the Johnston County area since 1990. Tennis courts are our focus but we also service basketball courts, pickleball courts, and in-line skating areas.

Whether you’re looking to have your personal tennis court resurfaced or searching on behalf of your school, university, country club, city, or town, we can help. We have the expertise and technology to renew and customize your court, no matter what.

Tennis and Basketball Court Resurfacing Options

Different surfaces work best for different sports, which is why we offer several different surface materials:

  • Novacushion® – a durable, multi-purpose option with extra cushioning that reduces wear and tear on your joints
  • Combination Surface® – a low-maintenance surface made to resist UV fading and harsh weather
  • Novaplay® – an extremely durable, cost-effective choice for multi-use courts
  • Novaplay II® – a smooth surface specially engineered for in-line skating, also great for skateboarding

We also offer 12 vibrant colors, which you can test out on our colorizer tool!

Basketball and Tennis Court Repair in Clayton, NC

When courts get older or have seen very heavy use, cracks often form. If left untreated, they’ll eventually cause the court to become unusable, making it so demolition and rebuilding from scratch is the only option. To avoid that, we created our innovative North State Polyester System to seal cracks before resurfacing. We developed this system over 30 years ago and have used it in countless repairs since. It’s guaranteed to relieve the stress of cracks so your court will last longer. (Please note this is part of our full resurfacing process. We do not offer this as a standalone service.)

Get an Estimate on Tennis Court Resurfacing or Construction in Clayton

Give us a call at (919) 365-7500 or submit the form for an estimate. The North State Resurfacing professionals are always happy to provide more information on our Clayton outdoor court resurfacing services. We are happy to hear from you!