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Tennis Court, Basketball Court, and Pickleball Court Projects

Since 1990, North State Resurfacing has designed, installed, and resurfaced tennis courts in the Lexington, NC area. While our focus is tennis court resurfacing, we also repair, design, and install basketball courts, pickleball courts, and in-line skating rinks.

Whether you’re looking to have your personal outdoor court resurfaced or searching on behalf of your school, university, country club, or municipality, we’re here with the experience and technology to make your court like new again.

Customizing Your Outdoor Court

We know that different sports require different surfaces so we offer a variety of surfacing options in 12 vibrant colors:

  • Novacushion® – an extremely resilient surface made of post-industrial recycled materials
  • Combination Surface® – a low-maintenance surface for those who want to play like the pros
  • Novaplay® – our most cost-effective surface, great for high-use and multi-use courts
  • Novaplay II® – an extremely smooth surface engineered specially for in-line skating

Try different color combinations with our colorizer tool!

Tennis & Basketball Court Repair in Lexington

When your tennis or basketball court ages, cracks can start to form on the surface. To help customers avoid costly demolition and rebuilding that sometimes results from these cracks, we developed our Polypave Court Shield. We’ve successfully used this method to repair courts for over 30 years. We know you’ll love the results and the savings! (Please note this is part of our full resurfacing process and is not offered as a standalone service.)

Get an Estimate on Tennis Court Resurfacing or Construction in Lexington

Give us a call at 919-365-7500 or submit the form for an estimate. The North State Resurfacing professionals are always happy to provide more information on our Lexington outdoor court resurfacing services.