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For more than 30 years, North State Resurfacing has provided excellence in tennis court resurfacing to coastal North Carolina and the New Bern area. While our focus is on tennis courts, we also install and repair basketball courts, in-line skating areas, and pickleball courts.

Design, installation, and repair of outdoor courts requires expertise and when you hire us, you get North Carolina’s outdoor court experts.

Visit our gallery to see a few of our recent projects and see what could we do for your outdoor court!

Customizing Your Tennis Court

We understand that different sports require different surfaces. To accommodate all of your outdoor court needs, we offer four surfaces in 12 brilliant colors:

  • Novacushion® – a super durable surface with extra cushioning layers for the ultimate, tournament-quality playing surface
  • Combination Surface® – a low-maintenance surface certified GreenWise® by the CRGI
  • Novaplay® – a low-cost surface, great for high-use and multi-use courts
  • Novaplay II® – a smooth surface engineered specially for in-line skating

To experiment with the colors of your new court, try our colorizer tool!

Tennis & Basketball Court Repair in New Bern

If your court has cracks in its surface, demolition isn’t the only option! Many cracks can be repaired using our innovative Polypave Court Shield. We developed this cost-effective method of tennis court surface crack repair over 30 years ago and have successfully used it in countless crack repairs ever since. It’s guaranteed to relieve the stress of surface cracks, allowing you to enjoy your court even longer. (This is part of our full resurfacing process and we do not offer it as a standalone surface.)

For the cherry on top, ask us about tennis court lighting, wind screens, and other court accessories to enhance your playing experience.

Tennis Courts and Pickleball Court Resurfacing

In addition to basketball court renovation in New Bern, we also offer tennis court construction, pickleball court installation, and other outdoor court repair services.

Get an Estimate on Tennis Court Resurfacing or Construction in New Bern

Give us a call at 919-365-7500 or submit the form for an estimate. The North State Resurfacing professionals are always happy to provide more information on our New Bern outdoor court resurfacing services.