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Although Pinehurst is known for golf, we’ve been servicing tennis courts in the area since 1990. In addition to tennis court resurfacing, we design, install, and repair basketball courts, pickleball courts, and in-line skating areas.

We’ve serviced outdoor courts for private residences, municipalities, schools, universities, and military bases. No matter who enjoys your court, we have the skills and expertise to make it like new.

Visit our gallery to see a few of our recent projects and see what could we do for your outdoor court!

Basketball & Tennis Court Customization Options

At North State Resurfacing, we know that different sports call for different court surfaces. To accommodate every sport’s needs, we offer four surfaces in 12 colors:

Because we know that one surface doesn’t work for every sport, we offer four surface options and 12 brilliant colors for all of your outdoor court needs:

  • Novacushion® – a durable, multi-purpose surface with extra cushioning for the ultimate competition surface
  • Novaplay® – a cost-effective surface for high-use and multi-use courts
  • Combination Surface® – a cushioned surface for increased player comfort
  • Novaplay II® – a consistently smooth surface created especially for in-line skating

To see our color selection, try our colorizer tool!

Tennis Court Surface Crack Repair in Pinehurst

If your court has cracks in its surface, we can help. We wanted to give customers a cost-effective crack repair option, so we developed our Polypave Court Shield. It’s guaranteed to relieve the stress of surface cracks and we’ve used it to successfully seal cracks for over 30 years. This is part of our full resurfacing process and is not offered as a standalone service.

Get an Estimate on Tennis Court Resurfacing or Construction in Pinehurst

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