2023 Babolat Pickleball Paddles Reviews

2023 Babolat Pickleball Paddles

If you love playing pickleball, chances are you’re always looking for a pickleball paddle that will help you improve your game. But which ones are the best pickleball paddles? That’s what we’re here for.

We know there are several different types of paddles out there from different manufacturers, offering a variety of benefits. Babolat, a leader in the racquet sports industry, is in the game in a big way when it comes to pickleball paddles. We’re going to take a look at several different Babolat pickleball paddles so you can choose the best paddle for your game.

Babolat Pickleball Paddles – Model Breakdown

Each Babolat pickleball paddle varies in material, size, price, and more. Knowing what features are most important to you as a pickleball player can help you decide which paddle you should choose. From experienced players to beginners, there is a Babolat pickleball paddle for everyone.

We’re going to take a look at 4 different types:

  • Babolat RNGD Pickleball paddles
  • Babolat MNSTR Pickleball Paddles
  • Babolat RBEL Pickleball Paddles
  • Babolat XPLR Pickleball Paddles

Babolat RNGD vs MNSTR vs RBEL vs XPLR

The RNGD Series Babolat Pickleball Paddle

The RNGD series is Babolat’s composite fiberglass model with a polymer honeycomb core. It comes in two versions, a “touch” and a “power” model. The touch provides more control while the power has more baseline-to-baseline power and is meant to give players more drive in their game. These paddles sell for just under $100.


The RNGD comes in at a standard 8.1oz for the “power” version and a lighter 7.6oz option in the “touch” version.  Although they have different weights, the paddle shape is the same at 16-1/8″ long by 7-7/8″ wide, and a handle length of 5″.

What The RNGD Series Does Well

The RNGD series gives pickleball players a balanced feel with a wide sweet spot. It uses reliable and sturdy materials that include a fiberglass surface. It also provides stability and accuracy in the game.

What The RNGD Series Does Not Do Well

The power version may be too heavy for some players, making it difficult to maneuver. The touch version gives some players great control compared to the power model.

The Babolat MNSTR Series Pickleball Paddles

The MNSTR is Babolat’s flagship paddle. It also comes in a “touch” and “power” version, depending on your preference. The MNSTR Power paddles come in at just under $140, so they are slightly more than some of the other Babolat pickleball paddles.

The MNSTR paddles have more than one standout feature. First, the “touch” version is the lightest of the bunch, weighing 7.2 ounces. It also has a premium-grade carbon fiber/fiberglass combination. This face gives the paddle great power that other pickleball paddles don’t have. The paddle core is a favorite with its polymer, honeycomb shape with an added layer of EVA foam that provides a larger sweet spot.

MNSTR Power vs Touch Models


While the MNSTR Power paddle is great for control, it’s not so hot for generating offense. The foam layer and thicker core can make it difficult to put high levels of pressure on your opponents.

Just as the name suggests, the MNSTR Power is strong in its ability to control the pace of the game. With this Babolat pickleball paddle, it’s easy to know how far the ball will travel when you hit dink shots or a soft shot.

Since the Power is about one ounce heavier than the Touch, it has more swing weight to power through the ball and can generate more speed. It can also generate a good spin.

When it comes to performance, the MNSTR Power gives more strength with big swings, drives, and serves. But it can lack some put-away power to finish points.


The MNSTR Touch has several benefits such as its thinner core that makes the ball jump off the face quicker than the Power model. This makes it better with short swings like counter punches and flicks.

The Touch also does not have the swing weight needed to put speed on the ball with bigger swings like serves and overheads. The Power is better when it comes to this.

On the other hand, the touch is light and quick on the hands which can help you keep constant pressure through placement and control. It has the necessary tools to win through extended play. It does allow you to control the pace of play and allow you to feel connected to the paddle.


The dimensions of the MNSTR Power:

Weight: 8.11 oz +/- 5g
Thickness: 0.59″
Width: 7.8 in”
Length: 16.14 in”

The dimensions of the MNSTER Touch:

Weight: 7.23 oz +/- 5g

Thickness: 0.51″

Width: 7.8″

Length: 16.14″

What The MNSTR Does Well

The MNSTER paddle is a great paddle because of its accuracy and power. The point-and-shoot accuracy when blasting drive shots is impressive when compared to other paddles.

What The MNSTR Does Not Do Well

This Babolat pickleball paddle is lacking when it comes to taking speed off the ball and dropping hard-hit shots softly. It tends to be on the inconsistent side when it comes to this.

The Babolat RBEL Series Pickleball Paddles

The Babolat RBEL Series is the company’s signature graphite paddle option. It’s just under $120 and comes in a “touch” and “power” version. The “touch” model weighs 7.6 ounces while the “power” model comes in at 8.1 ounces. The RBEL Series also uses Babolat’s polymer honeycomb core.


The RBEL paddles have dimensions of 16-1/8″ in length, 7-7/8″ in width, and a handle length of 5″.  

What The RBEL Pickleball Paddle Does Well

When it comes to Babolat pickleball paddles, the RBEL allows you to play extremely fast while still packing a punch. It also has a comfortable grip which can allow for better control. No matter your play style, this paddle can accommodate you. The lightweight material it’s made from also makes it one of the best Babolat pickleball paddles out there.

The RBEL’s Weaknesses

Some pickleball players have commented on the lack of durability after playing for a long time.

Babolat’s Budget Paddle: The XPLR

When it comes to Babolat pickleball paddles that won’t break the bank, the XPLR is one to consider. It comes in at just under $80. While it may not be the best choice for experienced players, it can give new players a solid game.

The XPLR is a fiberglass paddle with a polymer core and a traditional shape. It’s also a light paddle at just 7.7 ounces.


The dimensions of the XPLR are 16″ in length and 7.8″ in width with a handle that is 5″ long.

The XPLR’s Strengths

The XPLR has good maneuverability and flexibility. The 100% fiberglass surface also creates more power.

The XPLR’s Weaknesses

If you’re looking for a pickleball paddle with high-strength capability, the XPLR may not be the best choice. There are other Babolat pickleball paddles that offer more power. But, this one does deliver for the price.

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