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How Much Does an Outdoor Pickleball Court Cost? A Comprehensive Guide

Whether you’re an avid pickleball enthusiast, a community planner, or someone curious about the costs involved in creating outdoor pickleball courts, you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, our pickleball court experts from North State Resurfacing are exploring the fascinating world of building an outdoor court for pickleball. From court surface materials […]

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How to Choose a Pickleball Paddle: Your 2023 Guide

Choosing the right pickleball paddle can make or break your game. Choosing a pickleball paddle that’s too heavy can result in injury while choosing the wrong grip can be uncomfortable and awkward. When it comes to how to choose a pickleball paddle, you want to keep several factors in mind so that you pick the […]

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Ace Your Game with Our Top Pickleball Shoes for Women

Do you have the right shoes to play America’s fastest-growing sport? Whether you’re a competitive pickleball player or just like to play for fun, you need to have the right type of pickleball shoes for the surface you’re playing on. This will not only improve your game but also prevent injury. Before you start shopping […]

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Pickleball Drills To Improve Your Game

Whether you’re new to pickleball or have been on the court for a while, there are always things you can do to improve your game. Pickleball drills are one great way to do that. You can do several of these drills on your own or with a partner Spend as little or as much time […]

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Pickleball Outfits: What To Wear When Playing Pickleball

If you’ve started playing pickleball you’re not alone. According to the APP Pickleball Participation Report, 36.5 million people played pickleball between August 2021 and August 2022. So, what are these 36 million people wearing when they hit the court? While there isn’t a pickleball uniform, people in the pickleball community tend to wear the same […]

2023 Babolat Pickleball Paddles Reviews

If you love playing pickleball, chances are you’re always looking for a pickleball paddle that will help you improve your game. But which ones are the best pickleball paddles? That’s what we’re here for. We know there are several different types of paddles out there from different manufacturers, offering a variety of benefits. Babolat, a […]

Best Pickleball Paddles For Spin

If you’re an avid pickleball player, you’re not alone. Pickleball is America’s fastest-growing sport, and more and more players are looking for the best equipment to give them an advantage in the game. This includes choosing the best pickleball paddle for spin. Not all pickleball paddles are created equal. There are lighter paddles, composite pickleball […]

Best Pickleball Practice Machines In 2023

If you play America’s fastest-growing sport, pickleball, then you may be in the market for a practice machine to improve your pickleball game. A pickleball practice machine allows you to hit pickleball whenever you want. As with anything, some pickleball machines are better than others. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best pickleball […]

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Best Pickleball Paddles For Beginners in 2023

When it comes to the game of pickleball, your paddle matters more than you might think. If you’re new to the sport, our quick guide to the best pickleball paddles for beginners can help you pick out the best one for you, and make all the difference in your gameplay. Beginner Pickleball Paddle Basics When […]

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Best Portable Pickleball Nets – 2023 Portable Pickleball Net Guide

New people are discovering pickleball all the time! Yet, as the game’s popularity increases, many gyms, training venues, and public sporting grounds still don’t have pickleball nets readily available. That’s why having a portable pickleball net is essential for anyone wanting to improve their game and play matches without the restriction of a permanent location. […]