Best Padel Tennis Rackets For 2023

If you’re thinking of taking up the game of padel, or maybe you already play padel, you want to have the best racket to enhance your game. Not all padel rackets are created equal, so it’s important to know what to look for before you buy one.

At North State Resurfacing, we’ve got you covered. We not only sell padel rackets, but we also have some information to guide you as you decide which one to buy. We’re going to share some tips as well as our picks for the best padel tennis rackets for 2023.

How Is A Padel Racket Different?

One look and you know that a padel racket is different than your average tennis racket. The padel racket has a short handle and a foam core. It is protected by carbon fiber or fiberglass. There are no strings which can make it harder for players to get much spin on the ball compared to tennis.

Tennis rackets feature a long handle and a head with strings. The larger the head of the racket, the more power and control the player has.

Because of these major differences, you can see why you can’t use a padel racket for tennis and vice versa.

Things To Look For In Your Padel Racket

When you’re shopping for a padel racket, there are four main things you want to be aware of, shape, balance, firmness, and weight.


Padel rackets are available in three different shapes, round drop-shaped, and diamond-shaped.


A round padel racket is good no matter what playing level you are. It’s easy to use and provides good control and precision. Players with more of a defensive style tend to like this racket.


A diamond-shaped padel racket is all about speed and power which is why it’s typically not recommended for beginners. It’s best for advanced players and offensive play. On a diamond-shaped racket, the sweet spot is close to the outer edge of the racket.


A drop-shaped padel combines features of round and diamond-shaped rackets. This is why it’s good for players who sometimes play defensively, and other times play more aggressively.


When we’re talking about the balance of the racket, it can either be low or high.

Low balance

Rackets that have a low balance are usually more comfortable to play with and easy to handle. They are also more gentle which can help to avoid injury. But they don’t generate the same power in offensive shots.

Medium balanced

A medium balance does just what the name suggests, it gives the best combination of speed and control.

High balance

High-balance rackets may not be as comfortable, but they give more speed. These types of rackets require better technique and are generally recommended for more advanced players. Also, keep in mind that if you are prone to injury, you may not want to choose a high-balance padel racket.

A soft padel racket is recommended for beginners because it helps to give you more speed. This type of racket also absorbs vibrations better which is a plus for people who want to avoid injuries.

More experienced players can do well with a hard padel racket because it generates more power. It also offers better control for players with good technique.


Lighter padel rackets are easier to handle and allow you to move faster on the court. Heavier rackets are harder to handle but can give you more power in your shots. Beginners are advised to choose lighter rackets to work on their technique and avoid injuries like tennis elbow or other issues.

Here’s a quick tip: If you choose a padel racket with a high balance that is more difficult to handle, you should go with a lighter racket. If your racket has a low balance, the weight of your padel racket doesn’t matter as much.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Padel Racket

How often do I play?

If you play casually and don’t intend on competing, you may not need a high-end racket. While you’ll want one that’s durable, you don’t have to break the bank.

If you play frequently and plan on playing in tournaments, you may want to splurge and go for a racket that will last longer and give you the best game.

What’s my skill level?

A beginner racket is going to feel and play differently than one for an advanced player. Assess your skill level and buy your padel products accordingly.

How much do I want to spend?

A good padel racket doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot. You’ll discover that there are several good rackets at affordable prices. Set a price limit and shop within that range.

What is my playing style?

Do you play to the left side or the right? Are you a defensive player? These are things you’re going to want to know before you choose your padel racket. If you’re a player who prefers control, you’ll want to choose a racket that suits that style. If you like to make power shots, you’ll want a racket that allows you to do that.

Top Padel Brands In 2023

When you’re choosing padel products and need a new padel racket, some of the top brands you’ll find include Adidas, Dunlop, Wilson, and Babolat. Here are our top picks for the best padel rackets of 2023.

Best Padel Racket For A Beginner Player

Babolat Contact

When it comes to a racket for beginners, the Babolat Contact is a solid choice. It has a round shape with a low balance and is lightweight. This makes it easy to handle on the court as you learn the game.

The racket has fiberglass for the external structure and an EVA rubber inside that provides a comfortable touch. Geared toward the recreational player, the Babolat Contact is one to definitely consider if you’re just getting into the game. You’ll also find it is affordable.

Best Racket For Padel Enthusiasts

Dunlop Galactica

Padel enthusiasts will love the Dunlop Galactica for its soft, textured impact surface that allows for high spin and precision. The impact surface uses a special carbon variant that is stronger and more wear-resistant for the player who hits the court frequently. This racket has a high balance and a broad sweet spot that sits high on the racket.

Players often comment about the sound that this racket makes. It sounds like you’re hitting the ball with a cardboard box, but it certainly does the trick! You’ll find that this racket is more expensive than some others. But, if you’re serious about the game, it’s a good investment.

Best Padel Racket For Professional Padel Players

Wilson Blade Pro v2

For professional players, the Wilson Blade Pro v2 is a padel racket you’ll want to look at. The design provides a neckpiece that lowers the center of gravity, making it easy to maneuver. This is perfect for a fast game.

The Wilson Blade Pro v2 has a tear-drop shape and a carbon fiber face that allows for the ultimate playing power. The soft EVA foam gives a cushioned feel with shock absorption. This makes for comfortable, lightweight power on the court.

While this racket is more expensive than some beginner models, it’s worth a look for professional players who want the best equipment for their game.

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