2023 Guide To The Best Tennis Backpacks

When you’re playing tennis, you not only want to have a great tennis racquet and tennis gear, but you also need a tennis bag to carry it all in. While there are several different types of available tennis bags, many people opt for the tennis backpack. This is because it’s easy to carry and offers optimal storage space for those who love to play tennis.

At North State Resurfacing, we are committed to offering our customers all the tennis equipment and tennis gear they need to play the game, and that includes a great tennis bag. If you’re looking for the best tennis backpacks, we have several for you to consider as well as what factors should go into your buying decision.

The Importance of Carrying a Quality Tennis Backpack

Not all tennis backpacks are created equal. From price to storage and accessory pockets, you may be surprised to discover how many different types of tennis backpacks there are.

As you decide which tennis backpack is right for you, consider these characteristics of a good tennis bag.

Characteristics of a Good Tennis Bag


While you want to have ample room for all of your tennis gear, you don’t want to carry more than what’s comfortable for you. Be sure all of your tennis equipment fits, but that the bag is not weighing you down.


When it comes to finding the best tennis bags, you want to find a bag that will be able to withstand all of the wear and tear. Your bag will likely end up on the tennis court and come in contact with abrasive surfaces or messy dirt. This is why you want to look for a bag made from premium materials that won’t rip or snag easily.

Keep an eye on the material the bag is made of as well as the zippers. You want thicker fabric and heavy-duty zippers, especially if you’ll be going in and out of your bag frequently.


Tennis backpacks can really differ when it comes to the compartments they offer. Some may have dedicated shoe compartments or a ventilated shoe compartment beside the main compartments. Most certainly you’ll find racquet compartments to fit more than one racquet. Other bags may have a removable shoe bag if you don’t want to keep your tennis shoes with your other equipment.

There are also compartments for all of your tennis accessories such as tennis balls, towels, and even a change of clothes. Decide how much storage capacity you need so that you can choose the tennis backpack that delivers.


Your tennis backpack needs to be comfortable to carry. This means looking for adjustable shoulder straps as well as padded backpack straps and padded shoulder straps. Padded straps will make your bag easier to carry.

You want the tennis backpack straps to have ample padding so that the frame of your racquets is not causing any discomfort. If you can find a backpack with sternum straps, you will get added comfort when your bag is packed.

Water Resistance

Look for water-resistant bags. Nothing is worse than having your tennis gear getting wet inside your bag.

Top 5 Best Tennis Backpacks

Now that you know what to look for in a tennis backpack, here are our top 5 picks for the best tennis backpacks:

Wilson Federer DNA

From competitive tennis players to beginners, the Wilson Federer DNA tennis backpack is a great choice. It is Roger Federer’s signature backpack.

The bag features a main racquet compartment that can hold two tennis racquets. There are also locking zippers so you don’t have to worry about the racquets peeking out.

The main compartment has enough room to carry a towel, a change of clothes, and a can of tennis balls. If you have a tennis match after work, there’s also a laptop compartment and a few accessory pockets for smaller items.

Keep your shoes separate from your other equipment with the compartment in the front. This area is not ventilated, so it may get a little smelly if you don’t keep up with it. Also, avoid putting in any wet clothes here.

You’ll also find two smaller zip pockets on the sides. One is thermal lined for keeping a drink and snacks cool. The other pocket is fleece-lined to keep your valuables safe. When it comes to padding, this bag has you covered. There is plenty of padding on the backpack straps.

Babolat Pure


Padding and storage are what make the Babolat Pure one of the best tennis backpacks. It offers more space than a traditional tennis bag because you can fit more than just your racquet. In fact, you can fit two racquets as well as other accessories. The larger main compartment is ideal for other tennis gear as well as a laptop or tablet.

Many players enjoy the dedicated shoe compartment that also serves as a ventilated pocket, making it great for stashing dirty gear.

There is excellent padding for your back as well as generous adjustable backpack straps. Enjoy the chest clip to keep the bag in place if it gets heavy or if you’re riding your bike to the tennis court.

Tecnifibre Team Dry

When you’re looking for the best tennis bag, the Tecnifibre Team Dry is one to check out. It is made of a durable, UV, water-resistant material called Tarpaulin, and has maximum racquet storage. The large compartment is great for multiple tennis racquets, three to be specific. There is also a grip cover to protect your racquets fully.

If you like your bag to stay organized, you’ll enjoy the large main rolltop compartment that comes with a Velcro divider. This allows you to keep items separated more easily. There are also two mesh pockets on the front for even more organization. You’ll also notice a small accessory pocket on the front for small personal items.

The ventilated pocket for dirty clothes is also a plus. But it won’t fit your shoes. You’ll have to invest in a separate shoe bag that you can put in one of the main compartments.

There is plenty of padding for your back as well as a sternum strap to keep the back in place when it is packed.

Wilson Team Tennis Backpack

The Wilson Team Tennis Backpack is the perfect tennis bag for those who play tennis for recreation. It has one main compartment with locking zippers that can hold up to two racquets. There are also a few interior pockets. There is space for your phone as well as a key holder. The mesh pocket on the side is a great place to store a can of tennis balls or water bottles.

The bag’s size is also optimal for recreational use because it’s not too large. You can still fit your tennis racket, tennis shoes, and other items, without feeling like you’re lugging around a huge bag.

Yonex Pro Backpack

The Yonex Pro Back is among the best tennis backpacks because of its comfortable, adjustable padded straps. There is a dedicated racquet compartment as well as a main compartment for your gear. The front and side of the backpack have more than one zippered pocket, making it easy to access your smaller items.

Use the pocket on the front for a water bottle or can of tennis balls. The grab handle on the top also makes it easy to carry on your way to the tennis court.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tennis Backpack

Tennis Bags vs Tennis Backpacks

When you’re deciding if a tennis backpack is right for you or if you should go with another style bag, think about how much easier it is to carry a backpack. This is especially true if you have other items you need to carry.

If you choose a duffel bag or tote-style bag, you may not have as many compartments to separate your items. Backpacks do a good job of allowing you to organize gear, water bottles, and more. You can also usually find more than one zipper pocket to put your keys or phone in while you’re on the court.


Many tennis backpacks are reasonably priced. But you always want to keep your budget in mind. Decide how much money you want to spend and stick to it.


Some bags allow you to store multiple tennis racquets, while others may just fit one. Think about how many racquets you’re typically going to bring as well as how much other gear you have to tote. This will help determine which tennis bag is best for you.


When you’re looking for the best tennis backpack, you want to consider portability. How easy is your bag to carry? Is the bag’s shape practical for you? Unlike a tennis racquet bag or tennis duffle bag, a backpack is extremely portable. They’re easy to handle and can distribute the weight more evenly than a duffel bag or tote bag.

Brand Reputation

If you’re looking for a premium tennis bag, you’ll want to consider its brand reputation. Whether you’re a recreational tennis player or a pro, check to see if the brand you’re considering has a good reputation when it comes to tennis bags.

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