The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Dream Outdoor Basketball Court

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Many people dream about building a basketball court in their backyards. If this is your dream and you want it to become a reality, we have some tips you’ll want to follow so that you can have the perfect court right in your own backyard.

We’re going to take a look at what makes a good outdoor basketball court as well as how to plan one at your home. From materials to hoops, accessories, and more, we’ve got you covered. Once your court has been built, you’ll be the envy of all the neighbors!

Characteristics of an Outdoor Basketball Cout

Size of the Court

Obviously, the larger the court, the more it will cost. A full-size basketball court is 4,700 square feet or about 94-by-50 feet. Some people opt for a half-court if they don’t have enough room or want to save money. Be sure you know how much space you have to work with.

Land Condition

If the space you’re planning on putting the court on is bumpy and uneven, be prepared to spend a lot of money to prepare the site.

Base Materials

The base material you choose is also an important characteristic of your outdoor basketball court. Most contractors will recommend using concrete or asphalt. Traditional hardwood courts won’t hold up in weather conditions.


Any outdoor basketball court needs a concrete slab reinforced with rebar as a foundation. Prepare to pour concrete before installing the court.

Drainage and Grading

You want to make sure the court has the proper drainage, so you’ll need to have drainage and grading work done before having your basketball court installed.


Labor costs are likely the biggest cost you’ll face when it comes to basketball court construction. Full-size basketball courts can take four to six weeks to build, so consider the amount of labor that is needed and how much it will cost.

Hoop & Accessories

Don’t forget the hoop! Once your court is installed, you’ll need to put in a hoop and any other extras like lights. Hoops are probably one of the least expensive parts of your project. Some people also add fencing and a scoreboard.


You’ll need several gallons of paint to paint an entire basketball court. You’ll also to have it lined correctly.

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Can You Install a Basketball Court by Yourself?

DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

While you may have every inch of your dream court in your mind, it’s best to leave the construction to the pros. Making a DIY court is a lot of work and requires a good deal of equipment. Even if you want to install a basketball court by yourself, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

How to Plan Your Basketball Court

Choose the size

While you may envision a huge outdoor basketball court, you may not have the room for it. Be realistic and consider how much you really have for your court. As we mentioned above, you may need to go the half-court route.

Choose the playing surface

A concrete slab is usually the base of a backyard basketball court. You can choose to play on a concrete slab or cover it with other materials like modular tiles, acrylic, or asphalt.

Modular tiles are interlocking polymer tiles that sit right on top of the slab. They snap together easily and provide great drainage.

Acrylic can be added either using a cushioning system or not. Asphalt is another option. It’s softer than concrete and relatively inexpensive. Be warned, it doesn’t last long, so you may want to choose a different material.

Get a permit

Check with your city clerk to see if you need a permit to build a basketball court in your backyard. There’s a pretty good chance that you will one to follow your area’s zoning laws.

Differences Between Indoor Basketball Courts & Outdoor Basketball Courts

If you’re used to playing on indoor basketball courts but are thinking about adding an outdoor basketball court, it’s important to know the difference so you’re not disappointed with your investment.


Indoor basketball courts are typically made of wood or hard plastic. Outdoor surfaces can be made of concrete, asphalt, or even dirt. If you’re used to playing on indoor courts and switch to outdoor courts, be prepared for a more slippery surface. Outdoor surfaces also have more traction than indoor surfaces.


Indoor courts typically have more lighting than outdoor basketball courts. It depends on what type of conditions you like to play in. Some people prefer to play in the natural light versus in an indoor gym.

People usually love to play on outdoor basketball courts because of the fresh air and sunshine. As long as it’s not raining, outdoor basketball courts provide a great space to play basketball.

People also tend to prefer outdoor courts because they present more of a challenge in the game. They have to contend with the wind, uneven surfaces, and outdoor elements which are not an issue on an indoor court. This can make the game more fun for players who enjoy a good challenge.

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