How To Pick The Best Beginner Tennis Racket

Best Beginner tennis racket

Have you just started playing tennis or are you thinking about getting on the tennis court? Either way, you want to find the best beginner tennis racket for your game.

Tennis rackets for beginners are helpful because they are made especially for those who are just learning. They have the right weight and features to get you used to the game.

At North State Resurfacing, we not only offer the best beginner tennis rackets, but we also have some tips to help you pick the right one. Let’s get started so you can start playing tennis with one of the best rackets on the market.

What is a Beginner Racket?

A beginner racket is easy to play with because it’s lightweight, has a large head size, and has a head-heavy balance. Finding a tennis racket that has these characteristics will really make a difference as you learn the game.

Can an Adult Play Tennis With A Junior Racket?

Some adults lean toward junior rackets because they are lightweight, but it’s not recommended that adults play with junior rackets. There are plenty of adult tennis rackets that are also lightweight and fit the adult size range.

Key Racquet Attributes for Beginners

Grip Size

The grip size refers to the measurement of the circumference of the handle. The grip size is listed on the bottom of the racket at the end of the handle. Grip sizes are measured in inches but can also be listed in different sizes.

Small Hand

If you have a small hand, you would want to try a size 1 or 2. The measurements for these are 4 1/8 and 4 1/4 respectively.

Medium Hand

For those with medium hands, a size 3 is typical. This measures 4 3/8. Sometimes a size 4 is necessary.

Large Hand

Large hands will require a size 5 or 6, measuring 4 5/8 or 4 3/4.

If you buy a new tennis racket and realize you have one with a grip that’s too small, you can add an extra grip onto it. This adds more width and brings it up to the next grip size. So, if you’re unsure which grip size to get, it’s always better to opt for the smaller one because it can be adjusted.

Tennis Racquet Frame Sizes

Beginners are advised to choose a racket with a larger frame. This gives you more of a chance to connect with the ball. It also allows you to get more power behind your swing.

When you’re looking at tennis racquet frame sizes for beginners, you want to pay attention to the sweet spot. That’s the area near the center of the racket where it is the best place to hit the ball. To help find the sweet spot, look for a racket that is 100-107 square inches. Over time, when you gain more precision, you can use a smaller racket.

Weight of the Tennis Racquet

A great tennis racket for beginners is going to be a lightweight racquet because it is easier to handle. A lightweight racquet is easier to swing and can help get more power and spin from limited strokes. A beginner tennis racket should be under 11 ounces. If you aren’t that strong or athletic, you’ll want to go down to between 9 and 10.5 ounces.

Paying close attention to the weight of beginner tennis rackets is important because choosing one that’s too light or too heavy can lead to injuries.

But the best tennis racquets are not always the lightest. The lack of weight in the frame can hold you back from improving your power level. So, you want to find a racket that is comfortable in your hands and comfortable when you swing.

String and Tension

When you’re looking for the perfect tennis racquet for beginners, don’t worry too much about the strings or tension. The best tennis strings can get expensive. Look for a string that is affordable and follows the manufacturer’s recommendation. This is usually written somewhere on the frame.

Loose strings typically provide more power and a larger sweet spot. Looser strings can also help to prevent tennis elbow injuries because you don’t have to swing as hard. Tighter strings will give you more control, but a smaller sweet spot.

How Much Should a Beginner Spend on a Tennis Racket?

Beginner tennis racquets will typically sell for less than $150. Look for a simple graphite or aluminum racket. If you want to spend more money, you will find that an expensive racket can still be a good fit for a beginner tennis player. It all comes down to your budget and what you’re willing to spend.

What Are The Best Beginner Tennis Rackets? Our Top Picks

Babolat Boost Drive

When it comes to beginner rackets, the Babolat Boost Drive hits it out of the park. Its 105 square-inch head is a great size for those just hitting the court. It’s also a great tennis racquet for a beginner because it’s easy to maneuver for those who want to improve their strokes.

This also ranks high among beginner tennis rackets because of the string pattern. It features an open string pattern of 16×19. This helps it pack a punch while providing plenty of topspin. Finally, this is the best tennis racquet because of its price. At under $100 it’s an inexpensive racquet that’s still a solid choice for people who want to get into the game.

Babolat Boost Aero

If you’re looking for a lighter racket to start your game, this one could be for you with a racquet weight of 9.8 ounces. The Babolat Boost Aero also gets high marks for its easy maneuverability and 16×19 string pattern that provides plenty of spin. Keep in mind that its smaller head size means less power. If you’re looking for a starter racquet with more power, you may want to choose something else.

While the Babolat Boost Aero is more expensive than the Drive model, it still falls under the $150 range for beginner players who don’t want to break the bank.

Babolat Boost Strike

When it comes to tennis racquets for beginners, this is probably one of the heaviest ones, weighing in at 10.4 ounces. But it will give new players the most control when compared to the Boost Drive and Aero.

Many new players find that the Babolat Boost Strike is affordable for what it offers. It still has a 102 square inch head size and 16×19 string pattern while giving new players the power they may be looking for.

Beginner tennis players tend to like this racket because it’s balanced, so your arm won’t get tired during the game, increasing your chances of success. At North State Resurfacing, our Babolat Boost Strike racket also comes with a bag for your convenience. It’s a great deal for the price!

Head Graphene 360+ Speed

The Head Graphene 360+ Speed is a great beginner tennis racket for those who want to grow and improve their skills. It’s slighter lighter than some of the other Head models and is easy to handle for beginner players.

It comes with innovative spiral fibers that create an enhanced flex and clean impact feel. It also has the 16×19 string pattern that we’ve been talking about with some of the other beginner tennis racquets.

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