Ace Your Game with Our Top Pickleball Shoes for Women

Do you have the right shoes to play America’s fastest-growing sport?

Whether you’re a competitive pickleball player or just like to play for fun, you need to have the right type of pickleball shoes for the surface you’re playing on. This will not only improve your game but also prevent injury.

Before you start shopping for a new pair of women’s pickleball shoes, check out some features to consider as well as our picks for the best women’s pickleball shoes. At North State Resurfacing we have everything you need to get in the game!

Let’s get started!

Why Pickleball Shoes Matter

If you think you can hit the pickleball court with a regular pair of sneakers or running shoes, think again. Pickleball requires a lot of lunging forward and back as well as lateral movements. A regular athletic shoe doesn’t provide the support needed to stabilize your foot when you’re moving like this. A shoe made specifically for pickleball is a much better choice.

Are Tennis Shoes and Pickleball Shoes the Same?

While they may look similar, some distinct differences set tennis shoes and pickleball shoes apart.

Pickleball shoes are usually heavier in weight and have cushions for shock absorption on a hard surface. This helps to keep your foot closer to the ground. Pickleball shoes also have a specific tread pattern that helps with traction, compared to tennis shoes.

Features to Consider When Choosing Pickleball Shoes for Women


Finding shoes with the right amount of cushioning is important because of all of the running and jumping you’ll be doing during your game. The quick movements during the game can put a lot of stress on your knees and feet. Look for pickleball shoes with a cushioned midsole to protect against impact.


Check the sole of the shoe you’re buying. Indoor pickleball courts can be slippery, so a natural gum rubber sole is usually best. For outdoor play, a harder gum sole is preferred.


You want your pickleball shoe to fit well. That means making sure they are not too tight or too loose. Be sure there is plenty of room in the toe box.


Well-designed pickleball shoes will keep your feet properly aligned and provide shock absorption 24/7. Without the proper support, the pressure that is being placed on the bones and tendons in your foot can lead to injury.


Pickleball gear has lots of style. Choose a pair of pickleball shoes that suits your style and the rest of your gear.

Indoor / Outdoor Design

You want to choose a pickleball shoe that is designed for the type of surface you plan to play on. If you’re planning on playing on an outdoor surface, you’ll want shoes that are heavier than running shoes and thicker in the outsole.

Indoor pickleball shoes will usually have a softer, thinner outsole in a variety of tread patterns. This gives the best grip possible.

Shock Absorption

As you’re jumping to hit the ball, you want shoes that have solid shock absorption to avoid injury.


The shoe’s grip increases friction as it engages with the walking surface. This helps to increase stability. Look for pickleball shoes that have a good grip so that they can prevent your foot from rolling or twisting.

Our Top Pick Women’s Pickleball Shoes

As you keep all of those factors in mind, here are our picks for the top women’s pickleball shoes.

Best Overall Pickleball Shoe: Fila Women’s Volley Zone Pickleball Shoes

FILA’s Volley Zone Pickleball shoes are the best overall shoe because they feature sturdy, non-marking rubber outsoles and are breathable. They also have a circle pivot area that provides for quick direction changes.

There is plenty of padding in the midsole with plush foam that absorbs shock well. The toe box is wide and tall which is good for larger feet. FILA makes these shoes in a variety of bright colors that are sure to suit any player’s style!

Best Lightweight Pickleball Shoe: Asics Women’s Gel-Renna Pickleball Shoes

Equipped with lightweight and durable synthetic leather, the Asics Women’s Gel-Renna Pickleball shoes are a solid choice for players wanting to take their game to the next level. This shoe has TRUSSTIC technology in the midsole to provide support and reduce twisting.

There are flex grooves in the outsole to help support a player’s directional movements. This can help to increase flexibility while working to prevent injury.

Best Outdoor: Head Women’s Revolt Pro 4.0 Pickleball Shoes

When it comes to outdoor pickleball shoes, The Head Women’s Revolt Pro 4.0 Pickleball Shoe is a great pick among women’s pickleball shoes. It comes with the Head T-Kore 360-degree performance technologies in the sole and the upper. This works to give core strength and stability.

The open tread zones are great for providing grip on court surfaces. You can’t forget about the special rubber compound for traction and durability. There is also plenty of ventilation for when you’re on the court.

Best Indoor: Wilson’s Women Rush Pro

When it comes to the best women’s pickleball shoes for indoor use, Wilson’s Women Rush Pro is a good choice. These shoes have lightweight EVA foam cushioning for shock absorption and are made for superior stability and control.

There are seamless synthetic overlays for added structural support and foot protection and a soft quick-drying textile lining and a removable ortho-lite foam footbed. These shoes are best for indoor play because they offer plenty of support and help keep feet dry while on the court.

Most Comfortable: K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Supreme Tennis Shoes

Finally, we have the K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Supreme Tennis Shoe as the most comfortable among women’s pickleball shoes. These shoes have a comfortable design that ensures a secure fit. They are best for hard court or clay court playing surfaces, as well as tennis courts. So, if you play both sports, one pair of shoes can work for both.

Lightweight and breathable, these shoes also boast a non-marking outsole. There is also high-density rubber for excellent traction, and support for midfoot stability. These K-Swiss shoes have a secure fit that is designed for competitive, aggressive players.

Trust North State Resurfacing for all of Your Pickleball Gear

When it comes to women’s pickleball shoes, North State Resurfacing has everything you need. We can help you find the best outdoor pickleball shoes, indoor shoes, or any other piece of pickleball gear you may need.

Search our inventory of women’s pickleball shoes to find the perfect pair of shoes for you. We have a great selection of styles, colors, and sizes so that you can get the pickleball shoe that works best with your playing style. Whether you’re looking for lightweight shoes for quick movement or more stable shoes for a better grip on the court, North State Resurfacing has got you covered.