8 Pickleball Training Aids for Beginners

Pickleball Training Aids For Beginners

Did you know that pickleball is America’s fastest-growing sport? According to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, there were 4.8 million pickleball players in the U.S. in 2021. That number is only expected to grow.

As pickleball increases in popularity, people are wanting to hone their skills to be the best on the court. Training aids can help as they tweak little issues that can really make a difference. If you’re new to the game, we have eight pickleball training aids for beginners you’ll want to try.

Do you want to improve your backswing? How about learning how to hold the paddle correctly? As pickleball increases in popularity, people are wanting to hone their skills to be the best on the court.

While practice is essential, training aids can also help as they tweak little issues that can really make a difference. If you’re new to the game, we have eight pickleball training aids you’ll want to try.

Pickleball Training Aids to Help Your Game

Sports Tutor Multi Twist Pickleball & Quickstart Practice Machine

Pickleball Tutor Ball Machine – $299

If you want to practice your pickleball skills without a partner, The Sports Tutor Multi Twist Pickleball & Quickstart Practice Ball Machine is for you.

It throws balls at different speeds and angles so you can work on those difficult shots.

You can also adjust the rebound angle, making it perfect for practicing your dinks. The machine comes with a one-year warranty and is one of the most popular ball machines

The Sports Tutor Ball Machine will throw every size tennis ball including the largest Quick-Start Kids’ Training Ball and Pickleballs.

The Arc of the ball, adjustable from 12 to 20 feet in length, makes it easy to customize your practice area.

This machine throws a ball every five seconds and weighs just 11 lbs, making it easily portable from one practice location to another.

The battery-powered ball machine operates up to 10 hours on six ‘D’ batteries, which means you can use it anywhere there’s room to swing!

Pickleball backswing training aid

Backswing Solution – $43.95

If you want to improve different strokes, the Backswing Solution is the answer.

This tool is helpful to synchronize the loop and the right and left hands when you’re trying different strokes.

READY POSITION: If you want to play pickleball better, you need to learn the right technique for the ready position. This will help you learn how to volley and hit groundstrokes better and faster.

VOLLEY: To volley well, keep your elbows out in front of your body. This training tool will help you avoid taking too big of a backswing and make it easier to hit the ball correctly.

GROUNDSTROKES: To hit powerful and fluid groundstrokes, this will help you avoid bending your wrists too much and putting too much stress on them. Plus, it will help give you a kinesthetic feeling for how to execute your groundstrokes correctly.

RETURN OF SERVE: On your return of serve, use your legs, not your hands. By keeping a compact backswing, the Backswing Solution™ will also help give you the feeling of using your legs and hitting from a position of strength and balance on your return.

Pickleball net training aid

Rebounder Tennis and Pickleball Net – $179.95

The rebounder net is a popular training aid in many sports, including pickleball. But, this net takes first place because two players can hit on either side at the same time.

You can practice high volleys and overheads from across the net into the lower angled section. This net is also incredibly durable, lightweight, weather-resistant, and has a UV-treated knotless nylon net, making it the perfect choice for athletes of all levels.

Pickleball grip training aid for beginners

Start Rite Tennis Grip Trainer – $14.95

The Start Rite Grip Trainer can help you to make sure you’re holding the racquet the right way if you are new to pickleball.

This is a tool that will help you learn how to hold the racquet in your hand by separating the index and middle fingers. In addition, the Grip Trainer also trains you to hold the racquet handle at the proper height.

You can use this to practice using the continental grip as well as getting used to holding the racquet at the right height.

With the Start Rite Grip Trainer, you’ll be on your way to playing pickleball like a pro in no time!

pickleball training aid for beginners

Arm Pocket Developer – $42.95

The Arm Pocket Developer is a favorite training aid for pickleball because it helps in many situations.

It corrects oversize backswings on service returns and groundstrokes while forcing a unit turn. This leads to more efficient strokes. It also cuts out big backswings on volleys.

Sweet spot pickleball trainer

Pickleball Sweet Spot Trainer – $36.95

Do you tend to hit off-center most of the time? If so, you’re not alone! The Sweet Spot Trainer can improve your striking skills and your shot by letting you know when you hit off-center. Off-center hits are the cause of most errors, but after using this training aid, you’ll see your hits improve.

Pickleball arrow training tool

Pickleball Arrow – $29.95

This training aid is a double-headed foam arrow that visually communicates how the point of contact creates the pickleball’s direction and arc. Just finish your shot with the arrow pointing in the direction you just hit the ball. The arrow fits on any handle and is easy to use as you just slide it up the grip to rest at the base of the head.

Space Aid Kinesthetic Tennis & Pickleball Training Aid

Space Aid – $19.95

One common problem pickleball players at all levels have is hitting the ball too close to their bodies with their elbows too bent. The result? A tight swing that slows down the swing and ball speed. This does nothing to improve their game, plus players can also injure their elbows due to too much tension.

The Space Aid can fix these problems. It can be used with another player or while hitting on a backboard or ball machine. After using it, you should experience a more relaxed swing and feel like you have more power.

With all of these training aids, you’ll see your game improve and will feel more confident on the court. 

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