Tennis Court Resurfacing Cost: A Complete Guide to Restoring and Enhancing Tennis Courts

If you have a tennis court that looks like it’s rundown or has cracks, it may be time to start thinking about resurfacing it. A resurfaced tennis court is not only better and easier to play on, but it is also safer because there’s less of a chance of injuries.

When your tennis starts looking rough, the tennis court resurfacing pros at North State Resurfacing are here to help. As you prepare for the resurfacing process, read this guide for everything you need to know about restoring and enhancing tennis courts. From tennis court resurfacing costs to materials to choose from, we have all of the vital information you need to point you in the right direction.

Tennis Court Resurfacing Cost

The Tennis Court Resurfacing Process

When it comes to resurfacing a tennis court, the process begins with removing the top layer so that the base can be inspected. The base of your tennis court will be examined for any cracks or shifting. The drainage system will also be evaluated.

Once this is done, the artificial court or other tennis court surface will be relayed once all the cracks are sealed and any drainage system issues are addressed.

What is the Average Cost of Tennis Court Repair?

There is a huge range when you’re talking about tennis court repair costs. The cost of surface court repairs can average between $300 and $8,000. The tennis court repair cost will depend on how much work needs to be done and how bad the damage is. Cleaning the surface, fixing cracks and any other significant issues will need to be addressed before any resurfacing can take place.

What is the Average Cost of Tennis Court Resurfacing?

Tennis court resurfacing costs also have a huge range. The resurfacing cost can be anywhere between $15,000 and $18,000, with the typical cost of around $16,500 for repairing and resurfacing a tennis court.

The cost of a newly resurfaced tennis court will also vary depending on what type of court you have, how much damage it has, and whether you want to upgrade colors, surface texture, or cushioning.

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How Often Should a Tennis Court Be Resurfaced?

Typically, tennis court resurfacing should occur about every 5 years. But this will depend on several factors.

If professionals use your court, you may need to resurface more frequently. But if the majority of your players are casual, recreational players, you probably won’t have to resurface as often.

The tennis court material can also determine how frequently you need to resurface. Tennis court resurfacing companies will charge different prices depending on the surface material you have or if you choose to change it.

Can You Repair Cracks Yourself?

You can try to use crack filler on your tennis court surface when the cracks are less than 1/2″ wide. This can be inexpensive and easy to do. But for the best results, it’s best to leave this job to the professionals. They can make sure that the job gets done right, especially if you are planning on resurfacing your court.

Factors Affecting Tennis Court Resurfacing Costs

Age and Condition of the Tennis Court

If your playing surface is old and in poor condition, you can expect the cost to resurface to be more. Court resurfacing cost will obviously be less if your court doesn’t have many imperfections and you just want to give it a facelift.

Size and Surface Type of the Tennis Court

The size and surface of the tennis court will impact the tennis court resurfacing costs greatly. An asphalt tennis court or one made from synthetic grass is generally the most expensive. Clay courts, rubber courts, and acrylic courts are typically less expensive.

Besides the material, you need to factor in the labor cost of the tennis court contractor you choose. You need to consider all of the costs of your tennis court resurfacing project before you begin.

Geographic Location and Climate Considerations

Your location can greatly impact your tennis court resurfacing cost. The cost of materials and labor will vary in different parts of the country.

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Tennis Court Surface Resurfacing Options

Acrylic Resurfacing: Enhancing Durability and Performance

Acrylic resurfacing is a popular choice for tennis court surfaces. The process involves applying multiple coats of acrylic paint on the existing surface. An acrylic tennis court offers good traction and a consistent ball bounce. Acrylic tennis courts are known for their vibrant colors and low maintenance when compared to other tennis court surfaces.

When repairing asphalt tennis court surfaces, a substance called Acrylic Resurfacer is used for preparing new surfaces and color coating. Before an acrylic resurfacer can be applied, any dirt, residue, or debris must be removed from the tennis court. This is so the adhesive can properly cover the court. Some asphalt tennis courts may need priming if they are too damaged.

Synthetic Turf

Synthetic grass is another choice when it comes to tennis court resurfacing. This is a mixture of polypropylene or synthetic grass fibers. The grass fibers are infilled with specifically graded sand. The sand is used as a top dressing, available in many different colors.

Cushioned Surface Systems: Maximizing Player Comfort

When people want to resurface a tennis court, cushioned surfaces are another option. Rebound Ace® Mat Systems offer the ultimate level of cushioned comfort and shock absorbency. This product uses a polyurethane, prefabricated mat. Rebound Ace® Mat Systems offer the highest shock absorbency on the market. This type of tennis court surface is good for extended play and is available in a variety of different colors.

Tennis Court Repair and Maintenance

Filling Cracks and Patching Damaged Areas

When it comes to tennis court maintenance, you’ll want to keep up with filling cracks and patching damaged areas. While you can try to do it yourself if you have minor cracks, it’s often best to leave it to the professionals. If you can keep up with cracks and damaged areas as they occur, it can help to lower the cost to resurface down the road.

Line Painting and Marking

When it comes to tennis court lines and marking, don’t forget to add color. There are many color options available when it comes to tennis courts. When you choose North State Resurfacing for your tennis court resurfacing project, we can tell you about the different options so you can choose the one that best suits you. You may also want to try adding blended lines so you can use your tennis court for other sports.

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