Top Lightweight Tennis Shoes

When was the last time you bought a new pair of tennis shoes? If it’s been a while, or perhaps this is your first pair, there are some things you need to know, especially if you want to find the best tennis shoe.

First things first. Not all tennis shoes are created equal. Some are better for narrow feet, and others are better for wider feet. Some provide a snug fit and others that may lack adequate support.

There are also big differences when it comes to the weight of the shoe. When it comes to tennis shoes, some players opt for lightweight tennis shoe because it gives them more speed. A lightweight shoe can be a good option if you’re looking to improve your game or just don’t want a heavy shoe while you’re running around the court.

At North State Resurfacing, we offer a wide variety of lightweight tennis shoes to help you on the court. Before you shop, we’re going to share:

  • Criteria for selecting lightweight tennis shoes
  • Factors to consider when buying lightweight tennis shoes
  • Our top 5 picks for the best lightweight tennis shoes

Let’s get started!

The Importance Of A Lightweight Tennis Shoe

As you search for the right tennis shoes, you may want to consider shoes that have a lightweight feel, especially if you’re trying to get more speed on the court. While you want to look at the weight of the shoe, you don’t want to sacrifice things like comfort, support, and durability. The lighter the shoes, the easier it will be to stay on the court when you’re starting to feel the fatigue of the game.

Criteria for Selecting the Top Lightweight Tennis Shoe

In your hunt for the top lightweight tennis shoes, keep these things in mind as you shop:


Tennis shoes are known to be on the stiffer side compared to other shoes because they have to support a wide range of motion. This includes essential lateral movements. But that doesn’t mean your tennis shoes shouldn’t be comfortable.

Look for shoes with a generous midsole. This can make the shoe more comfortable and provide additional support.


Speaking of support, you want to find lightweight tennis shoes that still offer your feet plenty of support and keep them secure. You want there to be support for your ankle, heel, and entire foot, even after the break-in time is over.

The sole of a good tennis shoe can help with balance which helps the shoe feel stable. The sole needs to have enough rigidity to handle quick movements on the court. Some shoes use a rigid plastic insert called a shank toward the middle of a shoe’s sole. This helps to give more support and prevent the shoe from twisting out of place.

The shoe’s upper also provides support, especially at the ankle. You want your foot to feel secure in place so it’s not sliding forward when you run and stop.


No one wants to have sweaty tennis shoes! That’s why breathability is so important. Most lightweight tennis shoes tend to have breathable mesh uppers that provide amazing ventilation. This leaves your feet feeling fresh on the court, especially in warmer climates.


Durability with lightweight tennis shoes is important because you want your shoes to last. Tennis can be a grueling sport, so you want to find shoes that can keep up. A durable shoe will be well worth the money.


Playing tennis involves sharp, abrupt movements that need plenty of traction. The best tennis shoes will offer great traction even if they are lighter weight.

Top 5 Lightweight Tennis Shoes

Based on those criteria for the best lightweight tennis shoe, here are our top 5 picks:

Babolat Jet Mach III

When you’re looking for a lightweight tennis shoe, it doesn’t get any lighter than the Babolat Jet Mach III. These are currently the lightest tennis shoes available compared to other brands.

Besides being the lightest tennis shoe you’ll find, this shoe also features Micheline DIN20 rubber for the outsole. This provides excellent traction and durability and happens to be the same material you’ll find on car tires.

It also features Babolat’s Matryx EVO upper. This combines Kevlar and Polyamide fibers to provide the most durability and stability for your feet. The updated Kompressor midsole provides lightweight comfort. It also helps to ensure improved shock absorption when a player hits the ground heel first by providing more cushion toward the back of the shoe.

Asics Solution Speed

When you’re looking for lightweight tennis shoes, Asics Solution Speed for men and women are shoes you’ll definitely want to try on for size. They are one of the lightest tennis shoes on the market.

FlytFoam is used for the midsole. This is an upgrade from shoes over the past few years. This provides for a shoe that is 55% lighter and offers 76% better cushioning.

These shoes are known for Asic’s’ High Abrasion Rubber, which splits into two pieces separated by a Twistruss stabilization system. There’s one at the forefoot and another at the heel. This delivers maximum traction and durability. The toe area features a toe guard to increase protection.

The Asics Solution Speed tennis shoe has a form-fitting upper that uses its FlexionFit technology. This wraps the outermost layer with abrasion-resistant polyurethane for added protection.

K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme

Besides a lightweight feel, the K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme provides excellent durability and traction. These are excellent all-around performance tennis shoes.

These are among the best shoes because of K-Swiss’ Surge 7.0. This provides lightweight cushioning throughout the midsole and uses a mid-foot shank to prevent twisting. The result?A more stable shoe. It also includes DuraWrap Flex technology that helps to improve the shoe’s stability.

When it comes to ventilation, this lightweight tennis shoe has plenty of it. Don’t forget the molded bootie construction for maximum comfort and support. This shoe’s performance and features make it a top contender for the best lightweight shoe for tennis players.

Asics Gel Dedicate 7

The Asics Women’s Gel Dedicate 7 tennis shoe is all about offering stability and support. The shoe’s upper is equipped with synthetic leather materials to improve support. This helps to provide lateral stability when you’re switching directions. There is a Trusstic Support unit and wrap-up outsole to also improve stability while still allowing your feet to move freely and gain extra speed.

There is also plenty of cushioning for excellent shock absorption. When it comes to the best lightweight tennis shoe, the Asics Gel Dedicate 7 is often a good choice for any new tennis player.

Wilson Rush Pro

Wilson is a top brand in the sporting world so it should come as no surprise that it has one of the best tennis shoes on the market. The Wilson Rush Pro brings with it 4D Support Chassis 2.0 that splits the chassis into two pieces. One piece runs under the foot for enhanced support while the other is in place to increase lateral stability.

Equally important is the lightweight EVA foam in the forefoot of the midsole. There is also an engineered mesh for extra breathability. The Wilson Rush Pro also features a durable rubber compound to provide abrasion resistance and maximum traction whether you’re playing on a hard court or another surface. The Wilson Rush Pro gives the best performance on all court surfaces.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lightweight Tennis Shoe

Foot type

Your foot type and foot shape can help to determine what type of tennis shoe is best for you. Some players have wide-width feet, some medium, and others narrow. Knowing your foot type can save time when shopping for the best tennis shoe. Be sure to measure your foot with the type of socks you’re going to be wearing to play to get the correct width and length of your foot.

Playing style

Playing style is going to vary from tennis player to tennis player. Consider whether you are more of a light-footed type of player who springs around the court or a hard-hitting baseliner. This can help you find the best shoe based on the level of support you’ll need for your ankle and foot. You’ll want to find lightweight tennis shoes that best fit your playing style.


Lightweight tennis shoes can run from high to low when it comes to price. Set a budget that seems reasonable to you and look for tennis shoes that are in that range.

Brand Reputation

When doing your tennis shoe homework, research the different brands you’re looking at. See what type of reputation they have and what previous owners have to say. You can do a quick comparison between brands to see what most players have to say.

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