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Has your tennis court fallen victim to the elements and foot traffic by cracking, suffering water damage, or exhibiting signs of wear and tear? It’s time to treat your residential or commercial property’s tennis court with resurfacing repairs to bring back a smooth, perfectly level tennis court you and your visitors can enjoy.

North State Resurfacing and Our Services for Hilton Head SC

Serving North Carolina, Southern Virginia, and Northern South Carolina for over 30 years, our tennis court resurfacing professionals at North State Resurfacing offer services to tennis facilities throughout Hilton Head Island. From tennis resorts and racquet clubs to beachside locations and private residences, if you own a business in Hilton Head or are a resident with a tennis court that needs to be resurfaced, our team is here for you.

What Makes Us the Best Choice for Hilton Head Island Tennis Court Resurfacing?

The beautiful resort landscape of Hilton Head Island is the perfect vacation destination to play tennis. If you own or operate a commercial property on Hilton Head Island, you know firsthand that the aesthetic appeal, as well as the quality of tennis courts, is what draws people to have a unique tennis experience here. It makes sense that you would want to offer the tennis players who visit your property the very best tennis court experience in Hilton Head.

Choosing North State Resurfacing as your source for commercial tennis court resurfacing, you can rest assured that visitors to your tennis center will be satisfied. From using high-quality materials to the extensive experience of our contracting team, our continued dedication to clients results in tennis court constructions that any true tennis fanatic would be proud to play on.

Extensive Experience and Expertise in Tennis Court Resurfacing

North State Resurfacing has over 30 years of experience serving businesses and homeowners in NC with their tennis resurfacing needs. Our experience in resurfacing not only tennis courts, but basketball courts, pickleball courts, and multi-use courts have equipped us with the knowledge and expertise needed to turn out quick results at the highest level of quality.

Quality Materials and Pristine Results

Using the right materials to complete the job is key to getting the pristine results your Hilton Head Island property deserves. We use the highest-quality materials to resurface tennis courts that will last for years without damage. For asphalt courts, we resurface with a 100% acrylic latex binder that, when mixed with silica sand, repairs cracks and damaged surfaces to be entirely smooth and damage-free.

Professionalism and Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

We care about our clients and the results of our work, so your satisfaction as a Hilton Head tennis court owner is paramount to whether or not the job was a success. We remain dedicated to our Hilton Head beach clients by providing the highest-quality customer service and customer satisfaction experience.

Our Process for Hilton Head Island Tennis Court Resurfacing

North State Resurfacing’s tennis court resurfacing includes the following steps:

  • Initial consultation and assessment of your tennis facility: We will discuss the overall needs of your property’s tennis courts, assess damages to your current courts, and offer solutions for resurfacing.
  • Preparation of the area for work to be completed: We remove all dirt, debris, residue, or other materials from the surface of your tennis courts, properly cleaning the space so that the resurfacing adhesive will stick to the courts.
  • Tennis court surface construction: Using a squeegee, the acrylic and sand mixture is spread across the surface of the tennis court, making a completely smooth and level surface.
  • Finishing touches for outstanding results: The results of your newly resurfaced tennis court will be based on the customized colors and other requests for your resurfacing aesthetics. Our customer satisfaction is guaranteed due to our high quality of precision and expertise in laying our courts.

Benefits of Working with North State Resurfacing on Hilton Head Island Tennis Courts

At North State Resurfacing, we believe in offering you the most beautiful tennis courts Hilton Head has to offer. Using our tennis court resurfacing services, your property can experience some great benefits.

Some of the benefits of North State’s resurfacing are:

  • Enhance your investment.
  • Attract more customers.
  • More customers will increase revenue for lessons, clinics, and more.
  • Increase the lifespan of your tennis court surface.

Choose North State for Your Hilton Head Island Tennis Court Resurfacing

Are you ready to fix those damaged, cracked tennis courts so that your resort or tennis club can offer visitors to Hilton Head an incredible tennis experience?

When people vacation at Hilton Head, they expect the very best quality, smooth, level tennis courts for their lessons, clinics, and matches.

Call our tennis court resurfacing experts today at  (919) 365-7500 or fill out the form below for an estimate on our services or to have any questions about servicing your Hilton Head property’s courts answered.

Time to Resurface? Call North State Today

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