Best Pickleball Bags – Best Duffle Bag, Tote, and Backpacks Of 2022

As pickleball soars in popularity, more and more players are looking for pickleball bags to carry all their pickleball equipment. While some may think an old gym bag or duffle bag may do, they’ll quickly realize that you need a pickleball bag for all that gear.

If you’re new to the court, we’ve got you covered as we look at the reasons to get a pickleball bag, features to keep an eye on, and the different types to choose from. We’ll also show you the best pickleball bags for all of your pickleball accessories.

Reasons To Get A Pickleball Bag

Besides the obvious reason to have space for all of your items, there are some other reasons to get a pickleball bag.

Portability and comfort

A pickleball bag is a convenient way to carry around your pickleball items. You don’t have to worry about having different bags for your personal items as well as your gear. With a pickleball bag, there’s room for everything.

Protect Your Gear

After spending all of that money on your pickleball gear, you don’t want it to get ruined just because you haven’t transported it correctly. Properly designed bags make it easy for pickleball players to carry around their paddles and everything else without them getting ruined.

Keeps Your Organized

Without the right bag, it’s likely all of your stuff will get disorganized. When you have the best pickleball bag at your fingertips, life is a lot easier. You don’t have to stress about things getting lost and you can focus more on your game.

Features To Consider For Choosing The Best Pickleball Bag

As you choose the right pickleball bag, there are some features you want to consider so you pick the right one for you.

Best pickleball bags

Ame & Lulu Drop Shot Pickleball Backpack – $68


Do you want a pickleball duffle bag, a pickleball sling bag, or a pickleball backpack? The style is important because it will help narrow down your choices.

Many new or casual players tend to look for a lightweight bag because they don’t need too much gear. But you don’t want to skimp on shoulder support. A sling bag can be a good choice because it’s easy to carry, but it may not have enough space or separate pockets for different items.

Other players tend to like a pickleball backpack. While it may not be the most spacious, it is a good option if you want to organize your belongings better.

Compartments and Pockets

Multiple compartments are great for organizing your items. Some people like to have separate compartments for their items. Things like mesh pockets for water bottles, and zippered pockets for things like cell phones, earphones, snacks, wallets, and other items can also come in handy.

Water Bottle Holder

A pickleball bag is just like any other sports bag. It should have a dedicated bottle holding pocket. It just makes life easier!


You want to check the material that your pickleball bag is made from. Padded, fleece-lined or, felt-lined, lightweight material is always a good choice for a pickleball bag. Look for material that is durable and weather-resistant with anti-corrosive zippers.


If you don’t want to lug around a heavy bag, choose a lightweight bag. Look for bags with soft, lightweight polyester that still have enough pockets to hold your gear.

Shoulder Straps

While some players prefer a pickleball duffle bag, the shoulder strap is still important because it can give you support. Look for a bag with an added shoulder strap feature if you opt for the duffle bag because of the space it provides. Padded straps are always a plus too.

Can I Use A Tennis Bag For Pickleball?

You could use a tennis bag for pickleball if you really wanted to, but you’re not getting a customized bag for the sport. You may end up with a bag that is just too big for what you need. If you’re playing pickleball, opt for a pickleball bag.

Best Pickleball Bags Of 2022

Now that you know what to look for in a pickleball bag, it’s time to check out the best pickleball bags of 2022. We’ve broken them down according to type so that you can find the best ones according to the style you prefer.

Pickleball Tote Bag

SportsChic Women’s Vegan Midi Pickleball Tote Bag (Coriander)

SportsChic Women’s Vegan Midi Pickleball Tote Bag – $119

Pickleball tote bags are popular because they’re often more stylish, easier to handle, and have spacious compartments.

Tote bags are often the happy medium between duffel bags and sling bags. Many female players tend to prefer these types of bags compared to male players. Pickleball tote bags offer more interior space and zipper pockets for storing smaller items.

Our top pick for pickleball tote bags is the SportsChic Women’s Vegan Midi Pickleball Tote Bag. It has four insulated exterior pockets to keep drinks hot or cold. This vegan tote is made from high-quality, UV-protected material that is waterproof and easy to clean. Weighing only about one pound, this bag is a favorite when you’re looking for something in the lightweight department.

Pickleball Backpacks

K-Swiss Pickleball Backpack (Grey/Black)
K-Swiss Pickleball Backpack (Grey/Black)

K-Swiss Pickleball Backpack – $60

Pickleball backpacks allow you to be hands-free as you tote all of your pickleball accessories. One of the big advantages of pickleball backpacks is that they allow your bag to be clutter-free with all of its storage compartments.

When it comes to pickleball backpacks, we like the K-Swiss Pickleball Backpack. This pickleball backpack features a compartment just for paddles that will hold more than one at a time. There is also a main compartment with internal organizational pockets and a large pocket on the bottom for dirty fear. The padded adjustable backpack straps also make this one a winner.

Court Couture Pickleball Bucket Shoulder Backpack Combo (Alabaster)
Court Couture Pickleball Bucket Shoulder Backpack Combo (Alabaster)

Court Couture Pickleball Bucket Shoulder Backpack Combo – $199

The Court Couture Pickleball Bucket Shoulder backpack is perfect for the player who needs to carry their equipment but doesn’t want a heavy load on their shoulders. This combo has adjustable and removable straps which make it easy to pick up or set down at any time! The front pocket includes magnetic closure so everything stays in place no matter what happens during the day; while inside there’s room enough left over with two separate compartments just waiting patiently until you fill them back up again!

Pickleball Duffle Bag

Wilson All Gear Pickleball Bag (Red)
Wilson All Gear Pickleball Bag (Red)

Wilson All Gear Pickleball Bag – $70

If your main priority with your pickleball bag is to have enough space, you’ll want to opt for this duffle bag over other bags. This gives you enough room for your paddles, pickleball balls, and anything else you want to bring along. A duffle bag should have a comfortable handle and adjustable shoulder straps.

Our favorite when it comes to pickleball duffle bags is the Wilson All Gear Pickleball Bag. There is plenty of space here for all of your personal accessories as well as three pickleball paddles, water bottles, and a dedicated shoe compartment pocket. Don’t forget the eyewear Bungee cord for drying out wet gear.

Our Top Picks For Pickleball Bags

Wilson Super Tour Pickleball Paddlepak (Red/White)
Wilson Super Tour Pickleball Paddlepak (Red/White)

Wilson Super Tour Pickleball Paddlepak – $119

When you consider style, functionality, and features, our top pick for pickleball bags is the Wilson Super Tour Pickleball Paddlepak compared to other pickleball bags.

This bag has two main compartments. There’s one that has a removable divider for organizing gear and a smaller compartment that holds not one pickleball paddle, but three pickleball paddles. There is also a Thermoguard lining for added protection from extreme heat

Don’t forget the hidden plastic fence hook to hang the bag and two exterior fleece-lined accessory pockets, and a vented zippered shoe compartment.

Head Tour Pickleball Backpack (Black/Teal)
Head Tour Pickleball Backpack (Black/Teal)

Head Tour Pickleball Backpack – $89.95

If you’re more of a backpack person, the Head Tour Pickleball Backpack is also a good choice. It comes in a variety of colors. This backpack features a paddle-specific compartment that can hold several paddles and a main compartment with internal organizational pockets. There are padded adjustable shoulder straps and two accessory pockets in the front. This backpack is stylish and functional at the same time.

Are You Shopping for the Best Pickleball Bag?

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