Top Kids Tennis Racquets: Choosing The Best Racquet For Your Junior Tennis Player

Do you know what the best junior tennis racquets are on the market? If you’re like most people, the wide variety of kids’ tennis racquets can get overwhelming. It can be hard to determine which racquets are the best and which racquet features are most important.

At North State Resurfacing, we offer a large selection of junior tennis racquets for children of all ages and playing levels. We have some helpful tips to help you choose the best tennis racquet for your child as well as our picks for the top junior tennis racquets available.

Factors to consider when choosing a kid’s tennis racquet

Selecting the proper size tennis racquet based on size and age

As you start shopping for kids’ tennis racquets, the most important thing to keep in the mind is finding the right size tennis racquet based on age and size. If your child is playing with a junior tennis racquet that is too big, it’s going to be difficult for them to play. If the racquet is too small, it can slow down their improvement.

To get the right size racquet, ask your child to grip it with their arm by their side. Make sure the racquet head is pointing down towards the ground. If the racquet is grazing the floor, it’s probably the right size. But, if it is bumping against the ground, it’s likely too big. If it’s far away from the floor, it’s probably too small.

Here’s a quick look at typical tennis racquet sizes:

19-inch racquet

  • Ages 4 and younger, 40 inches or less

21-inch racquet

  • Ages 4-5, 40-44 inches

23-inch racquet

  • Ages 6-8, 45-49 inches

25-inch racquet

  • Ages 9-10, 50-55 inches

26-inch racquet

  • Ages 10 and older, 55 inches and up

The skill level and playing style

If your child has just started playing tennis, you won’t want to get the same racket as a child who has been playing tennis for a while. Those who have been playing tennis for a long time will likely want a racquet that will help them with speed and technique. Beginners will want a racket that will help them get a feel of the game as they practice and take lessons.

Weight and Grip Size

Weight and grip size are also important when looking at kids’ tennis rackets. Many 25 and 26-inch tennis rackets are going to be lightweight and under 9 ounces. You don’t want the racquet to be so heavy that your child has trouble swinging it which increases their risk of injury.

The grip size is measured in inches and refers to the distance of the edge of a racquet handle. When it comes to finding a racquet designed for children, you’ll notice that most manufacturers make a 4-inch grip size for children’s rackets. There may be some variations, but that is the typical standard.

If the racquet grip is too large or too small, some adjustments can be made to customize their racquet for when they play tennis. If it is too small, you can build up a grip by adding an overgrip. This will increase the size by about 1/16 of an inch.

Material and durability

When you’re shopping for kids’ tennis racquets, look at the material they are made from. The smallest racquets (17-19 inches) are made from aluminum. This makes them solid and shock resistant.

With racquets from 21 inches, you may find racquets made of aluminum and graphite. These types of racquets are more powerful, but the graphite is more fragile, making them more prone to breaking in case of shock.

From 25 inches, you’ll likely find junior tennis rackets that are completely made out of graphite. These are for advanced juniors who want to up their game and compete. Expect these to have a heftier price tag because their performance is much better.

Different types of kids’ tennis racquets

As you look for the perfect racquet for your child, you’ll notice that there are different types of kids’ tennis racquets.

Junior tennis racquets

Junior tennis racquets are smaller than adult racquets and are made specifically for children. Kids as young as 4 can start playing tennis with a junior tennis racquet. Since there are different-sized racquets, children can move up in size as they get older and taller.

Junior performance tennis racquets

Junior performance tennis racquets are for children who have been playing for a while and want a more advanced racket to help them improve their game. As the name suggests, they help with their performance on the court.

Starter tennis racquets

When young players are just starting out, you’ll want to look for starter tennis racquets. These are going to be easy to handle for a child as they learn to play.

6 Top Recommended Kids’ Tennis Racquets

This is a great racquet for kids who are just starting out in tennis. One of the best things about the Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet is that it comes in four different sizes, so they can just move up in size and continue to use the same racquet.

These Wilson racquets feature a lightweight aluminum composite frame that offers an easy swing. The C-Beam frame construction and shape add to its stability. At just under 7 ounces, this, junior tennis racquet is perfect for beginners. Moms and dads will also like the low price tag.

Babolat Nadal Junior

The Babolat Nadal Junior was made for tennis players who want to follow in the footsteps of their favorite player, Rafael Nadal. The Nadal Junior tennis racquet is recommended for children who are between 47 and 51 inches tall. It’s made from aluminum and is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The large head size makes it easier to learn tennis and more fun.

While this tennis racquet does cost more than some other junior tennis racquets, it’s a good investment if you have younger kids who want to learn the game with a solid piece of equipment.

Wilson Minions Junior Tennis Racquet

Wilson has combined children’s love of the minions with their favorite sport in this Minions Junior Tennis Racquet. It is an appropriate racquet for children ages 9-10.

Bringing fun to the court with the minion graphics and matching yellow strings, there is a lot to love with this racquet. It’s made from aluminum and has a lightweight design that is perfect for arm-friendly swings. It also includes a bumper guard along the top of the frame to prevent surface edge damage.

Parents will also love this tennis racquet because of its price tag. It’s one of the lower-priced rackets among junior tennis racquets.

Wilson Blade Junior Tennis Racquet

Wilson scores big points with this junior tennis racquet that is recommended for ages 9-10. This particular model is the 25-inch version with a sleek black and grey paint job with green highlights and classic white strings.

With its lightweight feel, this is a worthy racquet for junior players who want to improve their game. The graphite/aluminum construction combines stiff and flexible features for excellent playability. It’s also another racquet that is in the lower price range compared to other junior tennis racquets.

HEAD Speed Junior Tennis Racquet

North State Resurfacing offers this HEAD Speed Junior Tennis Racquet bundle that also comes with a 3-pack of tennis balls. This is a tennis racquet that helps kids who are just starting to play tennis.

This lightweight racquet is made from aluminum and has an o-beam construction which is great for beginners. It’s durable and easy to handle on the court. Like many junior racquets, this one is pre-strung so your child can start using it right away. The price range is also on the lower side when compared to some kids’ tennis racquets.

Babolat Pure Strike Junior Tennis Racquet

The Babolat Pure Strike Junior Tennis Racquet is perfect for junior tennis players who want to play like Dominic Thiem of the tennis world. The tennis racquet is made of graphite, making it similar to the adult version.

This scaled-down version of Dominic Thiem’s racket is composed of graphite, making it a similar construction to the full-length version. It is geared toward aggressive, more advanced players.

With the 3rd generation of the Pure Strike, Babolat provides your young player with excellent control. It also has a cutting-edge vibration filtration lay-up system that provides a pure feel on every shot. The Babolat Pure Strike Junior Tennis Racquet has technology that combines the stability of a square beam frame with an elliptic beam structure. The Babolat Pure Strike Junior 25 Tennis Racquet is recommended for juniors whose height is between 49-53 inches.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to finding the best junior tennis racquets, finding the right size tennis racquet is key. You want to make sure the length of the racquet is right as well as the weight. This will help your child’s game and will help them stay injury free.

Many tennis racquets for younger children are available in different sizes so that your child can grow up with the same racquet style. Once you find racquet features that your child likes, it’s helpful to stay with the same brand that can offer the same technologies in the next size.

Always check the material that the racquet is made of because that can impact their game. Most junior tennis racquets are made from aluminum, providing a lightweight durable swing.

Shop for Junior Tennis Racquets at North State Resurfacing

When you need a junior racquet, North State Resurfacing has you covered. We offer a wide selection of racquets for your junior player at affordable prices. Check out our online store which features products from several well-known racquet manufacturers. We are your source for quality junior tennis racquets you can trust!