How To Pick The Perfect Junior Tennis Racquet

Babolat Pure Drive Junior 26 InchTennis Racquet, Blue Club Tennis Backpack Bundle
Babolat Pure Drive Junior 26 InchTennis Racquet, Blue Club Tennis Backpack Bundle
Babolat Nadal Junior 25 Inch Tennis Racquet (Rafa Edition)
Babolat Nadal Junior 25 Inch Tennis Racquet (Rafa Edition)
Babolat Aero Junior + Yellow Club Tennis Starter Kit - Best for Ages 9 to 12
Babolat Aero Junior + Yellow Club Tennis Starter Kit – Best for Ages 9 to 12

If your child plays tennis or you’re thinking of introducing the sport, you want to have the right gear which includes having the right size racquet. A junior tennis racquet is a perfect solution because it allows your child to get the most out of their practice and their game.

Whether your child is new to the sport, or you just need some tips when it comes to junior tennis racquets, we’ve got you covered. We’re going to let you know the things to consider when buying one as well as our picks for the best junior tennis racquets for your child.

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What Is A Junior Tennis Racquet?

A junior tennis racquet is one that is built and sized specifically for kids. So, the length of the racquet is much shorter as well as the head. These racquets will range from 19 inches to 26 inches.

Besides tennis racquet size, the material on the frames of junior tennis racquets is also different. The less expensive racquets tend to be made from aluminum. Mid-range is a mixture of aluminum and graphite.

Who Are Junior Tennis Racquets For?

Junior tennis racquets are for kids typically up to age 10. A child’s height typically determines the size racquet they need. So, if a child is taller at a younger age, they may grow out of a junior tennis racket sooner than some other kids.

How do I Choose a Tennis Racquet for My Child?

The most important thing is to get the right size racquet. You want to get one that isn’t too big or heavy. This will reduce their risk of injury and allow them to have fun on the court. If your child is playing tennis with a racquet that’s not suited for them, it can slow down their improvement.

Things To Consider In A Junior Tennis Racket

Racquet Size & Racquet Length

When it comes to racquet length for junior players, their height will generally determine the racquet length. Here’s a quick reference so you get the right length racquet:

  • If your child is age 4 and younger and 40 inches or less in height, a 19-inch racquet would work.
  • If your child is age 4-5 and 40-44 inches in height, a 21-inch racquet would be the one to choose.
  • For children ages 6-8 and 45-48 inches tall, you’ll want a 23-inch racquet.
  • Kids ages 9-10 and 50-55 inches tall will need a 25-inch racquet.
  • Kids ages 10 and older and over 55 inches tall should use a 26-inch racquet.

Grip Size

When you’re talking about the racquet’s grip size, you’re looking at the circumference of its handle. When you’re looking at kids’ racquets, you’ll notice that most manufacturers make a single grip size for each child’s racquet that they offer.

Grip sizes correspond to the racquet’s length. The larger the racquet, the larger the grip size will be.

String Type

Usually, the strings in kids’ tennis rackets are pre-strung. Generally. you won’t have to worry about the string type until your child uses a racquet that’s at least 26 inches. That is usually not until they are 10 and older.

The strings are all synthetic gut and are set up in the string bed to give power and control. Once the racquet has been used for a while and if your child doesn’t need a larger racquet, it can easily be re-strung. People usually look at how many times a week their child plays to determine how many times a year they should have the strings changed. If your child only plays once a week, you’ll want to get the strings changed once a year. If they play more often, you’ll want to have the strings changed more often.

Racquet Material and Weight

Typically, racquet manufacturers use lightweight aluminum and sometimes a mix of graphite for a junior racquet.

When it comes to weight, you don’t want to choose a junior tennis racket that’s too heavy. Most 25 and 26-inch rackets are only 8-8.8 ounces, which is manageable. While you want to choose a racquet that’s durable, you don’t want one that’s too heavy and may cause injury.

Our Top Junior Tennis Racket Picks

When it comes to junior tennis racquets, many children are drawn to particular rackets based on their color and theme. Others may be old enough to recognize popular tennis players like Roger Federer or Maria Sharapova and see rackets that are sponsored by them.

While these can all be selling points, they don’t replace quality and durability. Based on those characteristics, here are our picks for the top junior tennis rackets:

Babolat Pure Drive Junior Tennis Racquet

The Babolat Pure Drive Junior Tennis Racquet

When it comes to children’s tennis racquets, this one is tops because it provides good power and is easy to handle. It gives younger children nice control on the court. It’s perfect for children ages 8-12.

This racket has several key features such as a built-in cortex system. This helps to provide greater control easily. It also comes with a cover and is pre-strung so it ready to go as soon as you get it.

While this racket is more expensive than some others, it’s worth the money for the durability and quality it offers.

Babolat Pure Aero Junior

The Babolat Pure Aero Junior is designed for children who play regularly and are considered more advanced juniors. It provides a good amount of spin potential which makes it easier to control shots.

One of the best things about this racket is that it is extremely lightweight. It’s made from a graphite composite material. This racket is geared towards children ages 8-12 and is available in sizes 25 and 26.

This is the perfect racquet for kids looking to advance their game and take it to the tournament level.

Babolat Nadal Junior

The Babolat Nadal Junior 25 is one of the lowest-priced junior rackets. It has been made to match the popular Pure Aero made famous by Rafael Nadal. The 25-inch frame is made of an aluminum composite so it is light enough for kids to start playing tennis. It’s the perfect racquet for kids ages 9-10. The Nadal Junior is available in lengths 19″-26″.

Babolat Ballfighter

The Babolat Ballfighter 17″ Junior Tennis Racquet is an appropriate racquet for kids who are 10 and under. It is made from aluminum which makes it light and easy to handle. This allows kids to properly develop their game and learn to play tennis.

It is also one of the less expensive junior rackets in the tennis world but still comes with some great features. It includes Babolat’s Memogrip handle to help kids hold the racket correctly. The 17-inch frame and 80- square inch head are just big enough to allow for solid contact. It is perfect for kids ages 2-4 who are just starting out.

FAQ About Junior Tennis Rackets for Kid

Can adults play with junior tennis rackets?

Kids’ tennis racquets are built for kids and not for adults. It’s not recommended that adults play with junior racquets that are designed for kids.

At what age should a child use a full-size tennis racquet?

Most kids won’t need a full-sized 27-inch tennis racquet until they are age 13 or older and about 5 five feet tall.

Should I buy a bigger tennis racquet so my child grows into it?

While some parents may buy their younger kids a bigger racquet so they don’t have to buy another one that quickly, it’s best for children to use a racquet that’s appropriate for their current height. This will help their stroke development and love of the game.

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