Innovations in Court Resurfacing: The Polypave Court Shield Difference

Polypave Court Shield crack prevention technology

Recreational court surfaces take a lot of wear and tear if people are using them frequently. After some time, you may notice that your court doesn’t look as new and inviting as it used to. Don’t wait until this happens. Call the pros at North State Resurfacing so we can show you how our revolutionary Polypave Court Shield resurfacing system works.

The Polypave Court Shield resurfacing system is made to prevent cracks and improve the overall playing surface. It’s a proven system of resurfacing that will leave your court looking like new.

As we explain how this process works, we’re going to explore the benefits and let you know how the system differs from other methods of resurfacing.

What is Polypave Court Shield Resurfacing?

Polypave Court Shield is a resurfacing system that helps to prevent cracks on tennis court surfaces and other recreational surfaces. It involves the application of a soft polyester fabric to the entire court surface using a mixture of acrylic binders. This creates a mechanical reinforcement of the paved surface which will prevent cracks from forming.

The Polypave Court Shield method is different from other system for several reasons:

Mechanical Reinforcement

This involves using a soft polyester fabric for the entire court surface. The fabric acts as a mechanical reinforcement for the paved surface, similar to how post-tensioning or pre-stressed concrete works. This allows the Polypave Court Shield system to reduce the chance of cracks forming due to the expansion and contraction of the surface.

Absorption of Movement

The soft polyester fabric surpasses other materials because it is superior in tear strength and elongation compared to other fabrics. This allows the fabric to absorb the movement of the pavement and reduce the stress and strain on the surface that can lead to cracks.

Uniform Application

Polypave Court Shield is different because it involves installing soft polyester to the entire surface of the pavement instead of applying reinforcements only to isolated areas like other methods do. This difference provides a continuity of the paved surface, eliminating potential weak points where cracks can form.

Binding with Acrylics

The polyester fabric is attached to the court surface using a mixture of acrylic binders. This ensures that the fabric stays in place and continues to provide its reinforcing benefits over time.

Preventative Measure

Unlike other resurfacing methods that aim to fix cracks and tears as they happen, the Polypave Court Shield system is intended to be installed on new asphalt or concrete as a preventative measure. By reinforcing the hard-court surfaces from the start, you can reduce the chances of cracks forming in the first place.

Super Seal crack repair begins on tennis court

Benefits of Polypave Court Shield

When it comes to tennis court surfacing and other court resurfacing, the Polypave Court Shield system is different because it provides several distinct benefits:

  • By covering the entire court surface, not just the isolated area, you can better protect the surface and have a more uniform court.
  • The soft polyester used in the Polypave Court Shield system was originally made as a roofing product. The right combination of acrylic binders was found to ensure its application and success on paved surfaces.
  • The system is similar to post-tensioned concrete because it provides mechanical reinforcement on the court surface. There has been success in preventing cracks in concrete surfaces using post-tensioning or pre-stressed concrete.

Using the Polypave Court Shield system before cracks get worse can provide tennis court surfaces and other surfaces with the reinforcement and support they need to withstand a good amount of play over a long duration.

How the Polypave Court Shield Process Works

When you hire North State Resurfacing for Polypave Court Shield resurfacing, the goal is to prevent the formation of cracks on a new recreational court. The process to make this happen involves applying a soft polyester fabric to the entire court surface and using a binder to adhere the polyester to the existing surface.

For new pavement, the method looks like this:

  • Cleaning and scraping the court of all loose material
  • Patching any depressions
  • Applying one coat of acrylic resurfacer
  • Applying the soft polyester fabric to the entire court surface using a mixture of acrylic binders
  • Applying two additional coats of acrylic resurfacer

Once this process is complete, the surface will be ready for an acrylic color system. After everything dries, it’s time to get in the game!

When you choose North State Resurfacing to treat your court surface you can expect a smooth court that is mechanically reinforced and that will absorb pavement movement. We can ensure uniform application across the entire surface to produce the best playing surface possible.

Why is Court Resurfacing Necessary?

Some court surfaces last longer than others, but they all have telltale signs letting you know when it’s time to resurface. Hard courts with acrylic finishes can last between 4-7 years. Artificial turf can last for up to 15 years or more.

When you start noticing issues that are hindering gameplay, you’re going to want to take action.

These include:

  • Cracks or rips in the playing surface
  • Water pooling on the surface and not draining
  • Surface bubbling
  • Fading color
  • Mold and mildew forming

The quality of materials used, how much your court is used, and how well you maintain it will also factor into when you need to have your court resurfaced. The Polypave Court Shield system can help to repair these issues by providing a uniform playing area.

Trust North State Resurfacing for all Your Court Resurfacing Needs

When your court needs to be resurfaced or you want to take preventative measures before cracks and tears set in, North State Resurfacing is here to help. Let us show you what our Polypave Court Shield system can do for your court. We are convinced that you will be satisfied with the results.

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