Pros and Cons of Sports Court Tiles: What You Need to Know

If you own a sports facility, you want to offer the most durable courts for people to play on. Over time and after much wear and tear, your courts may need some TLC. This may have you considering different options, such as sports court tiles, to get your courts up to their greatest playing potential.

outdoor sport tiles vs traditional tennis court

Sport court tiles are typically easy to maintain and provide a great alternative to regular gym floors. But they may not be the best choice for everyone.

At North State Resurfacing, we offer different flooring options to provide the best playing surfaces for all types of sports. We’re going to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of sports court tiles as well as other options for your worn court surfaces.

What are Sport Court Tiles?

Sport court tiles are eco-friendly tiles that can be installed over most existing floor surfaces to provide a variety of game courts. These sport tiles are water-resistant can make them the perfect choice for both indoor courts and outdoor courts. These tiles are also available in a variety of color combinations and textures so you can create a unique look.

Advantages of Sport Court Tiles

Some people opt for sports court tiles over other types of flooring because they offer several benefits. These include:


One of the key strengths of sports court tiles is their adaptability. They can be installed over various base materials, including concrete and asphalt, making them an ideal choice for facilities that host multiple sports. This versatility extends to both indoor and outdoor settings, accommodating sports like basketball, tennis, volleyball, and more. The ability to quickly convert and adapt these spaces is particularly beneficial for multi-purpose sports complexes.


Sport court tiles are designed for ease of maintenance. Unlike traditional court surfaces that may require specialized maintenance routines, these tiles can be cleaned with simple, non-abrasive cleaning solutions. This ease of upkeep not only saves time but also reduces the long-term maintenance costs associated with sports flooring.

Durability and UV Resistance

Many sport court tiles are manufactured with UV-resistant materials, which helps in maintaining their appearance and functionality over time, especially in outdoor settings. This resistance to sun damage ensures that the colors remain vibrant and the material does not degrade quickly, providing a long-lasting, attractive playing surface.

outdoor basketball court using outdoor sport tiles

Disadvantages of Sport Court Tiles

While sports tiles have several benefits, there are some disadvantages to consider.

Cost Considerations: Evaluating Long-Term Expenses

When considering the financial implications of sports court tiles, it’s essential to look beyond the initial installation costs and focus on the long-term expenses. While the upfront cost of these tiles can be competitive, their overall financial impact over time can differ significantly from traditional court surfaces.

One of the critical factors to consider is the lifespan of sports court tiles. Although they are durable and designed for heavy use, these tiles typically have a shorter lifespan compared to traditional court surfaces. This shorter lifespan means that, over time, the facility may face more frequent replacement or repair costs.

Sport court tiles, especially those used in outdoor settings, are subjected to various environmental stresses such as temperature fluctuations, moisture, and UV exposure. Despite being designed to withstand these elements, over time, they can still succumb to weather-related wear. This can lead to a more frequent need for maintenance or replacement compared to more traditional, robust court surfaces.

Facilities should also consider the impact of sports court tiles on the resale value or upgrade potential of their sports facility. Traditional surfaces, due to their longevity and classic appeal, might be more attractive to future buyers or easier to upgrade. In contrast, sport court tiles, due to their specific nature and potential for wear, might not offer the same value retention.

May Develop Soft Spots

Over time and with increased playing, sports court tiles may develop soft spots, leading to some tiles needing to be replaced.

While sport court tiles are relatively easy to maintain on a day-to-day basis, they are not immune to wear and tear. High-traffic areas may develop soft spots, leading to the need to replace individual tiles or sections of the flooring. These replacement costs, although seemingly minor at first, can accumulate over time, adding to the long-term financial burden.

May Provide a Different Playing Feel

Playing on sports court tiles may feel different than playing on a traditional indoor basketball court floor or tennis court. This can impact a player’s game and performance.

Alternative to Installing Sport Court Tiles

If you have a traditional basketball court, tennis court, or multi-use court you’re looking to upgrade, there are other options to consider besides sports court tiles.


Cracked or damaged tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, or multi-use courts can benefit from resurfacing. This process refreshes worn-out surfaces and eliminates cracks, bumps, and other uneven surfaces. The result is a smooth playing surface that allows players to maximize their game and improve their skills.

Resurfacing can also help to prevent injuries because the court surface will regain its smoothness and texture and can minimize a tripping hazard that can occur when the court is uneven. Players can also get more traction from a resurfaced court rather than a damaged court.

When you decide to resurface your tennis court versus installing sports tiles, you can also add color to your existing surface or add blended lines for multi-sport courts. Resurfacing can be an excellent way to breathe new life into your favorite sports court.

New Construction

If your court is too damaged to be resurfaced, you’ll want to consider new court construction. The pros at North State Resurfacing can take care of new tennis courts, basketball courts, and multi-sport courts. Our team can inspect your court and help you determine whether new court construction is the best option. This will depend on the length of time you’ve had the court and the extent of the damage.

Sport Court Tiles FAQ

Do sport court tiles come with warranties?

Yes, sports court tiles do come with warranties. Most are limited, while others offer lifetime warranties.

How much does a sports court flooring system cost?

This will depend on the size of the court, the type of flooring system, as well as any additional colors or features you’re looking to add.

Can I install sports court tiles for a backyard basketball court?

Yes, sports tiles can be used for outdoor basketball courts as well as for indoor basketball court flooring.

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