2023 Top Tennis Bags

Finding the perfect tennis bag is important because it can make life easier when you’re going to and from the court. Your tennis bag should be able to fit all of your gear, from your racquets to your shoes, it’s best to have everything in one place.

When it comes to finding the best tennis bag, you want to look around because there are several different types of bags to suit your needs. We’re going to take a look at what factors you should consider when you’re shopping for a tennis bag as well as our picks for 2023 top tennis bags.

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2023 Top Tennis Bags

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Tennis Bag

Size and Capacity

One of the top factors to consider when choosing a tennis bag is the size. Some bags are distinguished by how many rackets they can hold. If you plan on carrying multiple rackets, you want to look at this feature.

You also have to consider how many other items you want to have with you all of the time. Tennis balls, shoes, and clothes will all require a bag with more room. If you’re planning on bringing all of these things along, you’ll want to make sure you have the right bag type because some bags are smaller and won’t allow for all of those items.

Organization and Compartments

Tennis bags that have accessory pockets and other compartments, allow you to have a more organized bag. Look for bags that have a large main compartment, ventilated shoe compartment, and a zippered accessory pocket. This will make life easier, trust us!

Durability and Materials

Look to see what material your tennis bag of choice is made of. Choice a bag that is durable and made of premium materials. Bags made of durable materials will last longer than ones that are not.

Design and Style

Some people look for functionality with a tennis bag, while others also want a touch of style. First, decide what style of bag you want. There are:

  • Racquet bags
  • Tennis backpacks
  • Tennis duffle bags
  • Tennis tote bags

Once you narrow it down, then you can start to shop for that type of bag and look to see what stylish perks you can find!

Types of Tennis Bags

Racquet Bags

Tennis racket bags are made to hold multiple rackets. Many bags can hold up to 15 rackets! If this type of storage space is important to you, decide how many rackets you will typically want to carry. This can narrow down your search. Keep in mind that racquet bags don’t leave much space for other items.

Tennis Backpacks

Tennis backpacks are more versatile because they can be easier to carry and give more space compared to racquet bags. With a tennis backpack, you can choose from different designs. Some are shaped like racquets, while others look more like traditional backpacks. These bags typically only fit one tennis racquet, so you need to decide if you need a larger bag for more racquets, or if this type of bag is sufficient.

Tennis Duffle Bag

If you can’t decide between a tennis backpack and a racquet bag, a tennis duffel bag may be your best bet. This type of bag allows you to store shoes and other gear while also fitting racquets.

Tennis Tote

Some female players prefer a tennis tote bag. These bags are worn over the shoulder and can typically only fit one tennis racquet and other small pieces of equipment. If you’re a casual player without a lot of gear to carry, this may be the perfect bag for you.

Best Tennis Bags for 2023

Now that we know what to look for when shopping for the best tennis bags and the different types of tennis bags available, let’s take a look at our top picks for the best tennis bags for 2023.

Wilson Federer DNA Backpack

The Wilson Federer DNA Backpack is the best of both worlds, providing enough storage space for two racquets, while still having enough room for clothes, balls, strings, and whatever other tennis accessories you want to throw in there. There is also a felt-lined pocket for your phone, wallet, keys, and other personal items. There is also a thermal-lined pocket to provide climate protection for your food and drinks. Don’t forget the padded back and straps for extra comfort!

Wilson Head Gravity Sport Bag

If a duffel-style tennis bag is more of your type of bag, the Wilson Head Gravity Sport Bag can be a great choice for all of your tennis gear. This is a great choice for traveling tennis players because there is enough room for up to six racquets plus clothes and gear.

The external shoe compartment is vented, so it’s a perfect spot to throw your tennis shoes in. There is also an external side zipper where you can fit grips, strings, and personal items. The grab handles make it easy to pick up and the adjustable shoulder straps make it comfy too!

Ame & Lulu Love All Tennis Court Bag

When it comes to a tennis tote bag, this one from Ame & Lulu is a favorite. It’s stylish and comes in different design choices that are printed on the side. It also has a cutout on one side of the bag that keeps your racquets protected and allows them to lean over to one side.

Since the bag is made from canvas, you can easily use it for the beach or to go out with friends. Keep in mind, this material can be a little difficult to clean.

Babolat Pure Drive

The Babolat Pure Drive is the perfect bag if you need to carry multiple rackets. This bag can hold up to 12 tennis racquets and still have enough room for all of your clothes and tennis accessories.

It is made of durable materials and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It also has a molded design that’s perfect for storing racquets. There is a ventilated space that is great for dirty clothes and shoes and a large accessory pocket on the side for all of your smaller items.

Wilson Super Tour Bag

If you’re looking for a tennis duffel bag that stores even more tennis racquets, the Wilson Super Tour 15 Pack Tennis Bags could be one of the best bags for you. This bag has three main compartments that hold up to 15 rackets, as well as two large exterior side pockets. There is also Thermoguard technology in the two main compartments to protect everything inside from the extreme heat.

The reinforced side panels also lend themselves to extra durability. The removable backpack straps are also a bonus because they give you an extra carrying option.

Yonex Pro Series

Rounding out our list of the best tennis bags of 2023 is the Yonex Pro Series. This bag holds up to 9 tennis racquets as well as a shoe compartment and other compartments for your other tennis gear. Choose to carry your bag as a backpack or by using the handle. The Yonex Pro Series also sports Thermoguard technology.

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