Winter Maintenance for Your Tennis Court

Even though the weather will soon be a bit cold for playing tennis on your outdoor court, it’s still important to take care of your outdoor tennis court facility during the months of winter. Performing certain services now, in the fall, can prolong the life of your courts. Most of the causes of outdoor tennis court damage are from not removing all dirt and debris during the late fall and early winter. 

North State Resurfacing Co. can help you maintain your courts so they are in great shape when the weather does cooperate for a game of tennis outside. We can perform all of the tasks in this article during the fall and winter to preserve your courts. Here are tips for getting the court ready for harsh weather. 

Clean Leaves and Debris from the Court

All leaves, branches, dirt, weeds, soil, and other debris like paper, rocks, and plastic need to be removed from the court. These can trap moisture and cause damage to your court’s color coating. Failing to remove this debris can result in stains, mildew, and moss. If your court is damaged from extended exposure to trapped moisture, you may have to recolor the court.

Remove or Lower and Clean the Nets

Raleigh has some beautiful, warm days during the winter months, so you may not want to remove the nets in case you choose to play some. However, you will want to lower the nets to reduce the pressure on them. Then, all you have to do is raise them when you are ready to play. But, if you don’t plan on playing tennis this winter, go ahead and take the nets down and store them inside. Now is the perfect time to have the net cleaned as well. 

Tennis court resurfacing by North State Resurfacing in Pembroke NC

Pressure Wash the Court

Pressure wash the court to remove any stains or mildew. This service should be performed by an experienced tennis court contractor so as not to damage the surface. Using incorrect pressure or an incorrect nozzle during the cleaning process can create wand scars and unsightly blotches on your beautiful court. When this happens, you can end up having to resurface the entire court.

Refurbish Net Posts

All net posts should be inspected to see if there is any rust that needs to be eliminated, especially at the bottom. If rust exists on a post, it weakens the post so that leveling the net for play is difficult. Tightening the net will simply cause the post to lean or come out of the ground. Any rust should be removed and the post painted, unless the post is eaten into and then it should be replaced.

Check Center Strap Anchors

The center strap anchor is a critical part of legal tennis play. These straps are used to ensure that the center of the net is exactly 3’ above the playing surface. When the tennis net is properly tensioned, it puts a lot of stress on the center strap anchor. If the center strap anchor becomes loose or uneven with the court surface, it needs to be repaired. Call a professional like North State Resurfacing to check and repair these anchors.

Re-Tie Loose Windscreens and Replace Damaged Panels

Windscreens on a tennis court are not only an aesthetic addition but also serve a function. These provide a dark backdrop against which players can see and react to ball movement better as well as blocking wind gusts off the court. Screens also minimize annoying distractions from swimming pools, parking lots, players on adjacent courts, and neighbors. Winter produces strong winds from which you want to protect your screens and courts. Make sure windscreens are securely tied and, if damaged, are replaced. 

North State Resurfacing Winter Services

Our winter services include:

  • Removal of debris from court
  • Pressure washing
  • Minor fence repairs
  • Remove and clean the nets
  • Refurbishment of net posts
  • Repair damaged center strap anchors
  • Re-tie loose windscreens and replace damaged panels
  • Perform evaluation of your facility including recommendations and pricing for work that may be needed in the future

Contact Us to Get Your Tennis Court Ready for Winter

North State Resurfacing can prepare your tennis courts for the cold winter months so it is in pristine condition in the spring. Give us a call at  (919) 365-7500 or contact us to get more information.