Best Tennis Strings for Spin: Top Picks for Ultimate Control and Spin

Best Tennis Strings for Spin

Generating enough spin on the court is important because it gives players better control of the ball. Many players want to have as much spin as possible to give them the court advantage. To do this, you’re going to want to pay attention to the types of strings you’re using.

At North State Resurfacing, we’re all about helping you improve your game and providing the equipment to make that happen. That’s why we’ve compiled all the information you need to know when it comes to finding the best tennis strings for spin.

The Importance of Tennis String and How It Affects Spin and Control on the Court

Tennis strings are an important part of your gear on the court. They play a big role in the accuracy, power, and rotation of the ball being played. Choosing the right tennis racket strings is just as important as choosing the right racket. Not all strings are created equal. You want to look for a string that works well with your racket to provide optimal performance.

Finding a string that works well with your racket will make you more confident in your game when it’s time to take the court.

tennis strings for spin

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Tennis Strings for Spin


The material is the first thing you’re going to want to consider when looking for the best tennis string. This is important because not all string materials produce a lot of spins.

Natural Gut

Natural gut is made from a cow’s gut and used by most professional tennis players. This produces a lot of spin and gives great control. These are expensive compared to other types of string and can be less durable.

Synthetic strings

Synthetic gut strings can be made from a few different materials, the most common being nylon. This type of string offers an average amount of spin, but nothing spectacular. These types of strings are mostly for beginners and are not suited for all game styles. They are quite durable and inexpensive.

Polyester strings

Polyester tennis strings produce an excellent level of spin and help players get better control of the ball. They are affordable and last a long time. Intermediate and advanced players mainly use these types of strings.


The gauge is the measurement that refers to the thickness of the strings. String gauges range from 15 being the thickest to 19 being the thinnest. Many strings fall within the 16L and 17: range. If you want more spin in your games, opt for the higher gauge tennis strings.


String tension refers to the tension between strings secured in the racket’s frame. It is measured in either pounds or kilograms. Most manufacturers use pounds. The string’s tension can range anywhere between 45 and 65 pounds with 65 being the highest.

Low-tension strings provide spin and speed. Professional players tend to string their rackets as low as possible to get more spin. Low-tension strings can range anywhere between 40 and 50 pounds.

Higher tension strings will give you less speed, but more control. These can be anywhere from 55 to 65 pounds.


When looking at the shape of the strings, hexagonal and octagonal strings give extra grip on the ball. A round string has a better snapback with less surface to grip the ball.

Top Picks for Best Tennis Strings for Spin

Keeping all of these factors in mind, here are our picks for the best spin-friendly tennis strings.

Spin friendly tennis string by babolat

Babolat RPM Blast

The Babolat RPM Blast strings deliver amazing spin while giving players more control. These are great for players who want full-speed and higher-bouncing balls. These durable strings are also easier on the arm, and you don’t feel the vibration as much compared to other strings.

Babolat RPM blast comes in 16, 17, and 18 gauge, so you can choose how thick you want your strings to be.

They have an octagonal shape and don’t lose tension fast.

Wilson resolve spin tennis string

Wilson Revolve Tennis String

The playability and performance of these Wilson strings are impressive, providing an incredible amount of spin. Players can land the ball with precision.

Wilson Revolve Tennis Strings have a firm construction but tend to lose tension over time. But they are reasonably priced, so it won’t be too much of a burden to replace them.

Hyper-G tennis strings

Solinco Hyper G Strings

Solinco Hyper G Strings provide heavy spin and high control. These quality strings are low-powered, so you don’t have to worry about overhitting the ball. They hold tension well and are durable.

Their square shape and firm structure design come in 16 and 17-gauge. Just beware that these strings may not be as comfortable as some of the others. These strings are not recommended for beginning players or those who may be recovering from arm injuries.

Luxilon brand spin strings

Luxilon Alu Power

If you’re looking for power and heavy spin, the Luxilon Alu Power strings are among the best tennis strings out there. They offer different power levels, making it easy to easily shoot powerful strokes.

They come in a 16 gauge to improve control. The pentagonal shape makes them very spin friendly, allowing for faster swings with a higher bounce.

The Luxilon Alu Power Strings are comfortable to play with but are not the most durable tennis strings out there. They will last for a decent time and are not expensive to replace.

Solinco Confidential 16g Silver Tennis String

Solinco Confidential

When it comes to some of the most durable tennis strings, Solinco Confidential is at the top of the list. They are designed for a heavy spin and maximum power. They give great control and are made of a versatile polyester material that has been newly developed. They are not the most comfortable, but with the speed and topspin they produce, it can be a good tradeoff.

Babolat VS Touch

Babolat VS Touch

The Babolat VS Touch provides the traits of natural gut strings like stability, control, and spin with Thermogut technology. This increases the string’s longevity and durability and makes it highly resistant to humidity.

These strings give great power and are favorites among intermediate players and players of all levels.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spin Strings

What tension is best for spin?

The best tension for spin is between 48 and 54 pounds.

Do tighter strings give more spin?

Higher string tension gives you control, while lower tension strings can deliver more power.

Is poly string good for spin?

Advanced players prefer polyester string because they are durable and provide a lot of control and spin potential. Professional players also tend to prefer polyester strings for their spin potential.

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