8 Must-Have Pickleball Training Aids

Whether you’ve been playing pickleball for a while or you’re new to the game, training aids can improve your skill level. Knowing what types of training aids you need is important before you start shopping because you may end up with ones that aren’t going to help your game.

We’re going to take a look at how you train for pickleball and check out some of the best pickleball training aids to improve your game.

How do you train for pickleball?

Just like any other sport, training for pickleball takes practice. You’ll want to spend time warming up. Since pickleball requires your body to use a wide range of motions, you’ll want to do a dynamic warm-up. You’ll want to warm up the hips, knees, waist, and shoulders.

Doing some pickleball drills such as dinking for points, and wall drills can also help. Strengthening exercises like bodyweight squats, curtsy lunges, and knee push-ups can also get you ready for the game and be more agile.

Balance exercises are also a good idea to help you avoid falling as you chase the ball as well as mobility exercises to help you jump higher and run faster without any pain.

How do you practice pickleball indoors?

The biggest thing about practicing pickleball indoors is to remember to be careful! Be sure to have a clear open space and remove any valuables. Ideally, you’ll want a span of about eight to nine feet and a clear wall.

Always use a softer ball as you practice your stroke and hand-eye coordination. Also, consider using a pickleball paddle that is designed to be used indoors. These are usually a little lighter than standard outdoor sets, and the balls are more lightweight.

Pickleball Practice Wall

Depending on what you have available and your DIY skills, you may be able to practice against a wall by building yourself a mini-practice wall from plywood in your basement or by using a basic swing ball setup. You have to decide which works best for you as you try to improve your skills as a pickleball player.

8 Pickleball Training Aids

If you’re ready to play pickleball like the pros, these 8 training aids should help you get an advantage in the game.

Pickleball training aids

Backswing Solution

The Backswing Solution training aid is a great training aid to have for pickleball, platform tennis, and other racquet and paddle sports. This allows you to perform different exercises with the use of the stick. It is helpful in synchronizing the loop and the right and left hands when trying different strokes.

This tool helps you to get the right technique for the ready position and gives you a strong foundation for learning volleys and groundstrokes faster and more efficiently. You’ll also work on your volley by learning how to not take too big of a backswing on your volleys.

The Backswing Solution also helps to give you a kinesthetic feeling for executing powerful and fluid groundstrokes. You’ll also get the benefit of having a compact backswing by giving you the feeling of using your legs and hitting from a position of strength and balance on your return.

Sweet spot pickleball training aid

Sweet Spot Trainer

If you tend to hit off-center, you’re not alone. Many players at all levels tend to do this. The Sweet Spot Trainer helps you get the balance you need and a steady head to feel like you’re not off-center with your swings.

Angle Doctor

The Angle Doctor works for tennis and pickleball players to help them feel the correct angle between the paddle and the hitting arm. It fixes many problems including volleyers who drop their racquet head. It can also help players lengthen through contact on groundstrokes. Because it is fully adjustable, it’s good for players of all sizes.

Forehand fixer training aid

Forehand Fixer

The forehand fixer corrects the problem of players who hit forehand groundstrokes with an isolated arm motion and their shoulder at the center of rotation. But, the entire body must work together to hit an optimal forehand.

The Forehand Fixer guides beginners to feel the right position. Intermediate players will learn how to get a faster feel for the correct swing.

Arm pocket developer

Arm Pocket Developer

The Arm Pocket Developer helps pickleball and tennis players in different situations. It corrects oversize backswings on service returns and groundstrokes while forcing a unit turn for more efficient strokes. You can also use this to focus on cutting out big backswings on volleys.

Slam Master Pickleball Practice/Training Paddle

The Slam Master Pickleball Practice Paddle will improve your speed, strength, and stamina. It helps you to also develop better hand/eye coordination. You can practice dinking, forehand, backhand, volley, lobs, and slams all by yourself if you don’t have a partner around.

Pickleball Arrow

The Pickleball Arrow is a double-headed foam arrow training device that visually communicates how the point of contact creates the pickleball’s direction and arc.  All you have to do is just finish your shot with the arrow pointing in the direction that you just hit the ball. This is great for volleys, dinks, defensive lobs, serves, and all slice shots. 

This training aid will fit on any paddle so it’s the perfect solution! All you have to do is slide the arrow up the grip to rest at the base of the head of the paddle to insert and then you’re good to go!

Rebounder Deluxe

The Rebounder Deluxe is on wheels for pickleball, tennis, and other paddle sports. Shoot balls when you’re by yourself and let the rebounder help you improve your shot.

These training tools can help everyone from the beginner to the more advanced player on the pickleball court. Decide what types of techniques and shots you want to work on to begin. You’ll find that these training aids are fun and easy to use.

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