The Future of Pickleball: Trends and Predictions of Pickleball Popularity

The future of pickleball and the trends and predicitions of pickleball popularity

Statistics show that more than 36 million Americans played pickleball as it remains America’s fastest-growing sport. Pickleball was invented in 1965 by three people vacationing on Bainbridge Island, near Seattle. It’s a cross between ping pong, badminton, and tennis, and combines elements of all three sports. Pickleball has players rallying a plastic ball back and forth with paddles over a net. So, many people who play ping pong, badminton, or tennis may have a natural attraction to this paddle sport.

If you’re a pickleball player, you know what all of the buzz is about! If you’ve never picked up a racket, you’re probably wondering why pickleball has become so popular and just who is playing pickleball to make it so popular.

As we look at America’s fastest-growing sport, the pickleball court construction team at North State Resurfacing has found some interesting information when it comes to pickleball trends and participation rates. It’s time to learn some fun facts about the pickleball craze that has swept the country!

Why is Pickleball So Popular?

Pickleball’s popularity has surged for many reasons over the years. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why more people are making pickleball games their game of choice.

The average age of the pickleball player has expanded in the past three years

Accessible for All Skill Levels

Pickleball’s popularity is partly because it is an accessible sport. Practically anyone can learn how to play the game. The rules are similar to ping-pong, making it easy to learn. It’s great for beginners and is also a sport that can give seasoned players a more competitive game.

Social Activity

Playing pickleball is a great way to make friends. When you’re on the court, you can talk to other players, and make friends. Pickleball is also a great way to bond with family members.

Helps You Stay Healthy

Pickleball is a great exercise to stay healthy and in shape. It not only helps to keep you in shape by running around the court, but also allows you to work on your balance, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination. Pickleball is also a favorite among older adults who may have played tennis in the past. It is also a great alternative for people who have joint problems and other physical limitations.

Can Decrease Depression

Research has shown that people who play pickleball have lower levels of depression. Just another reason to pick up a pickleball racket!

Boosts Cardiovascular Health

Playing pickleball can give your cardiovascular health a boost. Researchers have found that people who played pickleball three times a week for one hour had decreased blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

Good for Recreation Departments

Many recreation departments have added pickleball to their list of offerings. The sport has been able to draw people together and has proved to be a good way to bring in local revenue.

Pickleball has become so popular that it even has its own national governing body. USA pickleball provides players with rules, rankings, tournaments, and more.

Parks, country clubs, and even bars have started offering pickleball to their patrons over the past three years

Pickleball Trends

Who is playing pickleball, where are they playing, and how many courts are they playing on? Let’s take a look at a few trends that have helped pickleball become America’s fastest-growing sport.

Pickleball Players by Age

More younger players are taking to the pickleball court. While older adults are still playing, those ages 18-34 are playing the most pickleball across the country, making up nearly 30% of all pickleball players.

Pickleball Players by Region

According to the SFIA Single Sport Participation Report on Pickleball, the South Atlantic region of the United States has the most pickleball players, at 22.6% of all players. This region consists of:

  • Delaware

  • Florida

  • Georgia

  • Maryland

  • North Carolina

  • South Carolina

  • Virginia

The West North Central region of the country showed the fastest growth in pickleball players year-over-year in 2022. This includes Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

The area with the slowest growth of pickleball players is the Middle Atlantic region, consisting of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Pickleball Players by Gender

Men make up nearly 61% of all pickleball players in 2021, while women make up about 40% of total players.

Total Number of Pickleball Courts

Data shows there are 10,320 places to pickleball across the United States. This includes dedicated pickleball courts and other places to play such as tennis courts with pickleball lines drawn.

What is the Future of Pickleball?

In 2022, the global pickleball market size was valued at $1,322.91 million. It is expected to reach $2368.34 million by 2028. The pickleball paddle market is also booming. It was at an estimated $152.8 million in 2022 and is forecasted to have an annual growth rate of 7.7% through 2028.

Another interesting fact to look at when it comes to pickleball participation and the future of pickleball is to look at pickleball tournaments. It’s estimated that the total prize money available will fall between $9.0 and $11.0 million. This suggests that many are seriously invested in the sport and don’t expect it to go anywhere anytime soon.

The number of pickleball professionals is also growing. Major League Pickleball, a team-based league and one of three professional pickleball tours, had 96 players on the tour. This number is only expected to grow over the coming years.

Here’s another fun fact about the future of pickleball…Super Bowl champion Tom Brady and tennis Hall-of-Famer Kim Clijsters have purchased a pickleball team along with several investors. They join other sports stars, LeBron James, Kevin Love, and Draymond Green who have also bought a team together. This shows that many see the potential reach that pickleball will continue to have as they look to cash in on the pickleball’s popularity.

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